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Kuche7 launched its first-ever stainless steel curve kitchen in Andheri, Mumbai.

Curved Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen by Kuche7

Kuche7 announced the arrival of never seen before stainless steel curve kitchens in its newly inaugurated experience center at Andheri, Mumbai.

Mumbai, Maharashtra Feb 24, 2022 ( – Introduction to Kuche7.

Kuche7 is one of India’s first companies to create innovative stainless steel modular interior solutions. Growth and innovation have been the leading pillars of Kuche7. Since 2017, it has steadily increased its footprint across India by inaugurating multiple experience centers in various cities. With more and more additions to the showrooms, Kuche7’s stainless steel modular kitchens emerge as a popular choice of modern homeowners in the Kitchen Industry.

With every new experience center, Kuche7 challenges the traditional wooden kitchens and elevates the ordinary kitchen experience into an exquisite modular experience of stainless steel. The advanced R&D acceleration of Kuche7 gives way to new technological advancements that ease the lives of homeowners. Launching the first-ever curve design in a stainless steel modular kitchen marks the peak of Kuche7’s innovation. The brand has made a lasting impression in the modern kitchen interior industry with this new-age design.

The inauguration Ceremony.

The inauguration of Kuche7, another experienced center, took place in February 2022, at Andheri at Laxmi Industrial Estate. The remarkable feature of this new experience center is that, for the first time in history, a curved kitchen has been made in stainless steel. No other experience center of Kuche7 has ever been equipped with a curving stainless steel kitchen. Producing a curve in stainless is not a piece of cake as stainless steel is a hard metal. Shaping it in a curvature requires evident R&D plus experience of the most talented minds. The showroom is located at Studio No. 3/D, Shree Laxmi Ashish Industrial Estate, New Link Rd, Andheri W, Mumbai – 400058. The grand opening of the Kuche7 Andheri showroom laid the foundation of the empire’s expansion.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of users, gazing at the innovation of stainless steel curved kitchen design and experiencing the regal hospitality of Kuche7. The event was graced by the company of the industry’s renowned Architects and Interior Designers. The founders and co-founders of Kuche7 were also spotted gracing the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony progressed with an insightful introduction of the brand, its specialty, various product ranges, curve kitchen innovation, and many such topics. The knowledgeable staff of Kuche7 expertly demonstrated the smooth workability of the smart appliances and modern modular kitchen accessories. The showroom is very well equipped with several aesthetically pleasing stainless steel modular kitchen modules, wardrobes, and vanity units.

The Modular Kitchens at Andheri.

Systematic placement of modular kitchen accessories in every module solves every Indian kitchen problem. The display modules of stainless steel modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanities are sure to keep the onlookers agape. Each display unit is carefully crafted and integrated with the most charming finishes. Special attention is provided to the intricacy of curves of the curved modular kitchen. The entire experience center of Kuche7 instantly uplifts the aura of the whole space. Many color variations are made available, along with minimal decorative finishes. Stylish modules clubbed with the new age in-built appliances make Kuche7 ideal for modular kitchens onlookers.

Kuche7 specializes in modular kitchens made up of stainless steel only. Each stainless steel modular kitchen module is made up of 304 – Food grade of stainless steel. This grade is used in the medical sector to achieve the highest level of sanitation during medical procedures. This grade, in particular, is rust-free, termite-free, contains anti-micro bacterial qualities, and is sustainable. Along with all these benefits, it also requires low maintenance and is easy to clean.

The specialty of Kuche7.

Kuche7’s stainless steel modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanities modules are distinctively customized to maximize their functionality. The hardware fittings in each module are of top-notch industry favorites such as Blum, Hafele, etc. With new-age innovation, these modules have gained a lot of likings amongst the users. Along with showrooms spread all across the Indian horizon, Kuche7 provides its services PAN India. That means, regardless of where you reside, you can experience the benefits of Kuche7. The employees are well equipped with adequate knowledge to provide genuine and honest answers to the consumers. On the other hand, the social handles of Kuche7 keep the users updated with the industry’s insights and provide valuable kitchen hacks to ease the life of modular kitchen owners.

Along with durability, stainless steel modular kitchens are eco-friendly in nature. Unlike traditional wooden kitchens, it does not require cutting down trees. It eliminates the risk of insect infestation and ensures an incredible level of hygiene. Not only this, but it also provides a lifetime warranty with each stainless steel modular kitchen purchase.

Words of Value.

“Being the alloy of the two most robust metals on earth makes stainless steel ideal for Indian kitchens,” says Naeem Chauhan, the co-founder of Kuche7.

“I think this product is the need of the hour right now, in India. With the amazing varieties that they produce, I think any kitchen is going to look amazing,” says Ar Manish Dikshit from AUM Architects.

“I think the process of design was very collaborative and eventually the design was finalized. The entire process took 6 weeks to complete. We are very pleased with the overall outcome.” says Mr. Kuldip Kaura, Senior Director of Everstone.

“I feel like Stainless steel is a really effective material used because most high-end commercial kitchens around the world, internationally use it, because of its durability and lack of maintenance,” says Ar Krish Kothari, Founder of Krish Kothari Designs.

“I decided to go with Kuche7 for my kitchen. I was really pleased with my choice. It was a stainless steel option to avoid all the hassles of a traditional wooden kitchen. It’s very practical in terms of long-term use, the hardware, and other things that go with it.” says Mrs. Hargunn Jayaswal, CEO of Oxys Learning.

The growth of the home interiors industry led Kuche7 to develop new strategies for making physical showrooms accessible to savvy consumers. Instead of relying on virtual brochures and videos, consumers now have the privilege to have a hands-on feel of the potential purchase. Kuche7’s experience centers provide the users with a natural touch of the product’s material, quality, accessibility, and many more.

Moreover, it is super easy to connect with the expert designers of Kuche7. With just a click, you can book a visit to your nearest experience center. You can also have them at your place by opting for a home visit. They thrive hard on client satisfaction; hence, they provide you with both options to make your experience an intriguing one.

The Andheri experience center of Kuche7 is a must-visit for every homeowner looking for a one-stop solution to every kitchen problem. The minimalist designs displayed in the Andheri showroom are sure to become a new-age design inspiration center for Interior designers, design enthusiasts, etc. To experience an evening of astonishing kitchen design, one must undoubtedly pay a visit to Kuche7’s Andheri showroom located at Studio No. 3/D, Shree Laxmi Ashish Industrial Estate, New Link Rd, Andheri W, Mumbai – 400058.

Curved Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen by Kuche7Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Designs by Kuche7Modular Wardrobe by Kuche7Curved Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen by Kuche7

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