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Triops King Expands To Deliver Sea Monkeys, Fairy Shrimps, and Clam Shrimps To U.S. Market

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Trusted European Supplier Specializes in Complete Setup Kits for Novelty Aquarium Pets

Munich, Bavaria Feb 14, 2022 ( – World-class aquarium expertise and supplies are now available in the United States! Triops King is a premium eCommerce business that provides customers with novelty aquarium pets and accessories. Beginners and well-versed pet owners receive friendly service, expert advice, and fast shipping. Recently, Triops King expanded its services to supply European and American customers with top-quality aquarium pets. Customers seeking top-notch complete aquarium sets, Triops, Tadpole Shrimp, Fairy Shrimp, and Sea Monkeys choose Triops King. The Triops King team is well versed with the unique needs of these incredible crustaceans. Children and adults enjoy rearing, caring for, and observing these tiny creatures.

Triops King is the number one supplier for individuals who take pleasure in creating at-home ocean zoos. Triops, Tadpole Shrimp, Fairy Shrimp, and Sea Monkeys are excellent aquatic pets that provide endless opportunities for marine education. Triops King offers a convenient online marketplace for customers to purchase everything needed to raise Triops and other Tadpole Shrimp. The online Triops King shop includes Triop eggs, high-quality accessories, and a wide selection of shrimps. Optimal Triops breeding is now accessible for individuals and families in the United States. Customers residing in North America can purchase a first-rate Triops starter set and begin breeding their own healthy Triops today. Sea Monkeys, Triops, and Fairy Shrimps are prehistoric critters that never cease to amaze customers. Known as living fossils, Triops are freshwater crustaceans that closely resemble Horseshoe Crabs.

In addition to supplying customers with novelty aquarium animals, Triops King provides customers with a wealth of knowledge. Proper hatching techniques, lifespan expectancies, optimal breeding water, and Triop background information are a few topics covered in depth at In contrast to other Triops dealers, Triops King doesn’t see Tadpole Shrimp as just a hobby; these remarkable animals are their vocation. With Triops King, customers have the opportunity to consult with knowledgeable staff throughout the purchasing and rearing processes. As an aquarium pet supplier with integrity, Triops King provides a risk-free guarantee, encrypted ordering process, and expedited shipping. Triops King is known within the eCommerce community for delivering stellar customer service and specialized expertise.

Triops King operates on the principles of professionalism, dependability, integrity, and expertise. When choosing Triops King for novelty pets and aquarium supplies, customers can expect to receive superior at-home setups and well-cared-for crustaceans. Triops King welcomes the opportunity to serve customers in the United States and Europe. To purchase Triops, Tadpole Shrimp, Fairy, Shrimp, Sea Monkeys, feed, complete aquarium setups, and coloring books, visit For questions about Triops King’s emergence into the United States market, please contact Benjamin Schneider at +49 8203 – 2471218 or

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