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Webinar On ‘Questions Brands Need To Have Answered in Order to Scale on Amazon’

Sellozo will be hosting a free online webinar on Feb. 16th at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific called ‘Questions Brands Need To Have Answered in Order to Scale on Amazon’. This webinar will reveal the top questions a brand needs to have answered to maximize their brands’ growth on Amazon. The webinar will focus on the top things brands and sellers need to know to scale their brand on Amazon and how tools can help.

The Sellozo Team with Jon Tilley from ZonGuru will be leading the presentation and say this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on how answering these questions and dedicating themselves to solving these issues will help a brand understand how to scale on Amazon successfully. Attendees can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels direct from these industry leaders.

People interested in the webinar can register free at

About Sellozo

Sellozo was founded in 2017 and serves the Amazon 3rd party sellers, brands, and agencies industry. It is known for optimizing and automating Amazon PPC advertising.

Sellozo has a partnership with Amazon Advertising and aims to provide a full spectrum of advertising and cost of goods data to its customers to allow for the best decision-making.

About ZonGuru

Zonguru provides an all-in-one tool suite, perfect for all of your Amazon business needs. With state-of-the-art product research, optimization, and automation tools – we cater to all aspects of your Amazon journey. Along with a world-class tool suite, we have a dedicated team of customer success agents to help you along the way, as well as weekly training & monthly webinars.

ZonGuru aims to provide the most accurate data and estimations in the industry. As official partners with Alibaba and Amazon, we have access to the best data sources in our industry to help reach our goal.


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