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Magic Beans Studio is Exploring Innovation Through NFTs

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Atlanta, Georgia Feb 11, 2022 ( – The team at Magic Beans Studio is continually exploring innovative ways to use NFTs as the need for and popularity grows. Recognizing how beneficial utility NFTs are to the cybernated digital and physical worlds, they strive to keep the human element and a sense of togetherness present. From utilities that give access to exclusive experiences, product releases, events, and gaming, to protection and efficiency as the virtual and physical worlds become more intertwined.

Magic Beans Studio is excited to offer this powerful membership pass NFT, bringing access and experience to the forefront of becoming a member of and owning a Crypto Cupid Club NFT.

What is Crypto Cupid Club?

Crypto Cupid Club is a Non-fungible token membership pass (NFT) that provides access. In striving to build a community of togetherness, each NFT offers access to exclusive members-only events and merchandise. To ensure the best experiences possible for their members, they are only releasing 2,022 NFTs on February 10, 2022, which will give the purchaser lifetime access to exclusive events, merchandise, and experiences.

One of the first events they are planning is a comedy show in the Metaverse which will be available to all of the Crypto Cupid Club NFT heart holders at no cost.

How Exactly Does the Crypto Cupid Club NFT Work?

A Utility Enabled NFT

NFTs are Non-fungible tokens and are all the rage, but most newcomers have the same question. So why should I buy it? Besides collecting and displaying the digital pieces for aesthetic purposes and flipping them for profit, what other benefits can NFTs offer? The answer is access and community.

Access NFTs

As the Metaverse and the utility of NFTs continue to evolve, Magic Beans Studio has recognized the need for usability. It has ensured that the Crypto Cupid Club NFT provides owners access to experiences, community, and goods in the digital and physical world. Verifiable through the Blockchain, the buyers of the Crypto Cupid Club NFT are paying for more than just the hilariously stamped heart. Still, they become a part of a community along with having a proof-positive ownership record to a limited-edition digital asset. The application of access NFTs is endless from providing a more efficient ticketing process that gives owners peace of mind and safety because it can’t be stolen or copied as the ownership is set in code.

How to Become a Member and Acquire a Crypto Cupid Club Heart-shaped NFT?

The heart-shaped access NFTs will be available to mint on February 10, 2022, on the Crypto Cupid Club website. Magic Beans Studio will be releasing 2,022 of the randomly generated digital non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The valuable tokens will be 0.05 ETH, giving owners access to events, merchandise, and experiences.

Magic Beans Studio Making NFTs More Powerful

Since the pandemic, the cybernated digital and physical worlds have become even more intertwined, which makes the prospect of buying NFTs with utility even more enticing and essential. Access and experience have always been important for consumers when deciding to invest or make any purchase. Magic Beans Studio recognizes how significant those benefits are and how experiences and community make NFTs even more powerful. That is the basis for building the Crypto Cupid Club heart-shaped NFTs and other upcoming projects the studio has up its sleeves.

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