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Science Education Online – Best STEM Research/Learning Guides Website Launched

The new Science Resource Online website features articles about scientific concepts and issues of interest written by scientists and science educators.

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The new website also covers technology-related topics and provides a valuable resource for those interested in the intermeshing disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The accelerated pace of scientific advancements and the widening and deepening of the applications of technology in all spheres of life continues to inform and shape science education in new ways. Understanding these developments is vital to meaningfully participate in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology. Hence, access to knowledge of STEM subjects is important for students, teachers, educators, and people from all walks of life.

Science Resource Online provides free access to science and technology news, information, and thought from universities and other credible educational channels. It is independent and unaligned with any corporation or educational institution, actively encouraging contributions from researchers and educators from around the world.

The website deliberately sets out to cover a broad range of topics with new articles posted regularly. For example, recent posts have included a discussion on the origins of the scientific method and whether Galileo or Aristotle can be considered the Father of Science, how technology has changed over time and recommended resources for those conducting scientific research.

The site has no paywall and there is a free science resource email newsletter available that contains all the latest news and information on Science Resource Online.

More about Science Resource Online

Science Resource Online is an online resource created by a group of experienced science teachers who came together in 2020 to pass on their passion for science.

A spokesperson said: “We are excited that our new free website is making interesting science accessible to all ages and backgrounds.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Science Resource Online
Science Resource Online

57 Manor Close

United Kingdom

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