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Sapio Sciences Featured in Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 LIMS

Sapio Sciences were recently featured in Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Laboratory Management System Solution Providers of 2021”. Sapio has been most noted for how it drives pharmaceutical advancements through its integrated LIMS and ELN informatics platform.

The publication mentions how digitally enabled laboratories are sometimes thought to be these massive, globally connected powerhouses that are capable of breakthrough innovation at scale. However, this isn’t entirely the case, as many pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations are yet to realize the true benefits of digital architecture across the R&D industry.

It followed on from this by stating how the informatics landscape in biopharma R&D can best be described as having multiple divisions and departments with many disparate LIMS and ELN systems that rarely communicate with each other. This can lead to disjointed workflows that are held together by brittle integrations, which are increasingly expensive, difficult to maintain, and even slow the pace of science.

While the industry accepts that effective integration is important to streamline workflows, it still largely fails to understand how to get there.

The answer lies with Sapio Sciences. Sapio’s configurable, flexible, and user-centric LIMS and ELN systems are widely renowned for their efficiency when it comes to streamlining laboratory operations and information flow. Sapio had the vision to integrate several capabilities into one unified platform. The team has spent the better part of 15 years developing a solution that offers users more than digitalization capabilities.

“Operating in a cloud-based environment, digital labs recognize that LIMS and ELN systems, which were typically used as a distinct application, can offer far more value and greater benefits when combined in a single solution” noted Sapio CEO, Kevin Cramer, when talking about LIMS and ELN integration.

Sapio Sciences is a US-based pharmatech company that empowers organizations to digitize their laboratory workflows, break down data silos, and gain a more unified view of their laboratory operations.

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