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Oklahoma City Central Vacuum Advanced Home Hygiene Improvement Service Expanded

The company, a VDTA certified Central Vacuum Installer based in Oklahoma City, has expanded its service area to meet customer demand for efficient all-in-one home cleaning solutions.

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Advanced Vacuum Systems’ greater service coverage allows the company to service the increased number of individuals and families working now from home, who have expressed strong interest in better hygiene and cleanliness in the wake of the pandemic.

The vacuum cleaner market, valued at over $10 billion globally today, is anticipated to grow at an almost 10% annual clip through 2028. One key market driver has been the heightened sensitivity to hygiene triggered by the pandemic. Another related factor has been the dramatic shift to remote work-from-home employment: residential demand for and use of all-purpose vacuum cleaners has spiked, as people pay increased attention to their home environments.

The company installs a range of central vacuum cleaners in both new and existing homes, without causing any structural damage – and while increasing the value of the home. Furthermore, the firm’s central vacuum system eliminates customers’ need to replace their vacuum cleaner every few years, as basic maintenance is typically only required after ten years. Traditional vacuums have been shown to be less durable and more expensive to maintain than central vacuum systems.

All systems offered by Advanced Vacuum Systems feature a lightweight central vacuum hose that can extend to hard-to-reach places including outdoors, to the car or garden shed. For example, the VacuMaid Cyclonic series, which is manufactured in Oklahoma, comprises a range of models featuring hoses that can cover up to 18,000 square feet. They also come with a range of central vacuum accessories that will assist customers with specialist tasks around the home.

The system’s motor is on average three times stronger than standard upright vacuum motors, yet it can be operated quietly. Since central vacuums can be located either in an unused closet or an adjoining garage outside of the living quarters, noise can be reduced to a minimum.

One customer commented: “Greg did a fantastic job. It works like a dream and we love it. One of the most wonderful contractors we’ve had the pleasure to deal with. Would recommend him over and over.”

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