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ObvioHealth Shares News Regarding Diversity of Clinical Trials

The lack of ethnic diversity in the clinical trial industry has only recently come to light because of the pandemic. Clinical trial participation within the black community fell in 2020, as well as a seven-point drop in hispanic representation, bringing that number down from 18% to 11%. The drop in participation was mainly owed to the fact that racial and ethnic minorities were more susceptible to dying from COVID-19 in comparison to white population groups, as referenced in a report published by ScienceDigest.

ObvioHealth recently stated how these trends are unacceptable–scientifically, morally, and ethically. More and more sponsors are beginning to recognize that there is an urgent need to change and improve diversity within clinical trials. This increased awareness, accompanied by mitigation actions, has been a key catalyst to the rise of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), which has expanded access to underserved populations.

ObvioHealth’s article mentioned how Black people need to be represented at all stages of therapeutic development, especially for diseases that affect them disproportionately, such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a call for diversity in clinical trials. The FDA has been attempting to address this issue since the ’80s, however, recent mandates on diversity have pressured sponsors to demonstrate real effort rather than simple intention. The New England Journal of Medicine has also followed suit, requiring that their researchers provide diversity statements within their article submissions.

Major sponsors like Pfizer and Amgen are also making diversity a real priority. The medical, ethical, and scientific reasons for including non-white people in all stages of clinical trials are finally being realized, and so it all appears to be going in the right direction.

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