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Dr. Gordon Jones Shares how to advance SSI on The Author Your Brand Show

In a world where personal identifying information can be taken away at any time, Dr. Gordon Jones, the Co-founder, and CEO of Validide shared how his company is working to advance Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) by decentralizing personal identity information during an interview on The Author Your Brand Show with host Doug Crowe. Validide uses a revolutionary platform that provides everyone with the opportunity to take back control of their identity by leveraging today’s cutting-edge digital technologies safely and securely.

We give up a lot of personal information when we go online and interact with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or just any other website. We sometimes don’t realize how much data gets collected from our search engine queries as well as what sites we visit online. It all goes into a giant database where someone else might be able to learn something about us (without us knowing). SSI intends to decentralize this personal information so it wouldn’t be stored in one central system where hackers want to go after. It works by putting your personal information to Thrivacy or your “digital wallet” on your mobile device so you could be in absolute control of that information. From your digital wallet, the credentials you put in will be verified by the issuer/s to prove that it’s true or accurate.

Dr. Jones also released a new book, How to Createyourself, which became an instant Amazon bestseller on December 1st and has been receiving rave reviews from readers around the world since then. While this book is mainly about how to become a successful entrepreneur, a special chapter was included at the end of the book that talks about identity and privacy.

Jones’ decades in healthcare and technology have given him plenty of experience as an entrepreneur. He knows how people say they want something different than what the world delivers, but without personal fortitude or purpose, it can be difficult to deliver on those promises.

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After having an exciting career that includes two tours of duty in the 82nd Airborne Division, USA, Dr. Jones earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees from Medical University South Carolina (MUSC). His story is one of struggle, success, and failure. He’s been an entrepreneur for more than three decades with over 30 years of experience in digital health innovation–and counting!

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