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Chiropractic, Thermography, Sauna, Facial Services Launched in Eureka Springs

Innovative Wellness Eureka Springs opened a new business at 105 Passion Play Rd in Eureka Springs.

The business specialize in natural wellness solutions and retains a chiropractor and acupuncture professional on staff as well as a thermographer for thermal imaging and an esthetician for facials. This natural health service has recently moved in and remodeled their natural health space to accommodate customers from Eureka Springs, Carroll County, and tourists who visit the area.

Dr Max Norris DC, Dipl., Ac is the chiropractor on staff and he is also a certified practitioner of acupuncture. His mission is about restoring health and increasing quality of life by reducing pain and slowing the aging process. Some of Dr. Norris’ specialties are carpel tunnel, TMJ, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, migraines, anxiety, stress, fibromyalgia, and holistic health.

Ann Gray, CTT, owner and thermographer, is a practitioner of thermal body imaging. Thermography is a technique and technology that is often employed as a non-invasive approach for detecting conditions early. This practice is ideal for preventative medicine, as it is non-invasive. The state-of-the-art camera scans the body measuring temperatures and providing a thermographic read-out of the various regions. Innovative Wellness has the only medical grade thermal imaging camera in Arkansas.

The natural health services at Innovative Wellness also employ a masseuse for massage therapy. All practitioners are licensed or certified for their respective practice. EMT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is another service offered onsite. John Chrenko is a certified EFT practitioner. EFT has often proved beneficial with problems like weight loss, personal performance, phobias, low self esteem, anger management, addictions and much more.

The infrared sauna located inside is an important therapy as it causes a rise in the core temperature of the body. The detoxifying sweat that results can release toxins at a cellular level. It can also repair and regenerate cells, lower inflammation, boost immunity and even aids in weight loss and ridding the body of chemicals, heavy metals and molds.

Innovative Wellness Eureka Springs also provides facials with esthetician Stephanie Williams on staff. The 30 to 90 minute spa experience options includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, hot towels, mask, and massage of the face. Rebecca Wineinger is the Director of IWES. She is committed to seeing natural wellness benefit Eureka Springs (link) area clients and remains hopeful for growth in 2022 and beyond.

Innovative Wellness Eureka Springs
Innovative Wellness Eureka Springs
105 Passion Play Road, Eureka Springs Arkansas 72632
Suite E
Eureka Springs
United States

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