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DIY Gaming PC Component Online Store – Solid State Drive Catalog Expanded

The updated list now includes a limited stock of Kingston and Seagate SSDs, which are notoriously hard to come by elsewhere. These drives are ideally priced for a home-built gaming PC, as they feature enough storage to satisfy the needs of most gamers without running up the budget of the project as a whole.

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The updated parts list rounds out an expansive catalog of parts, curated to create a single-page shopping experience for PC enthusiasts everywhere. The shop offers competitive prices on all components, which is extremely valuable in today’s market where many PC parts can be next-to-impossible to find.

PC builders are currently facing a crisis on two fronts. Pandemic-related scarcity and supply chain disruption has led to chip shortages, meaning that silicon-based components are in very short supply. This is on top of a graphics card shortage caused by an influx in crypto mining, which consumes a great deal of mid-to-high-grade hardware for use in mining rigs.

In this current market shortage, shopping for components for a PC build can be a veritable nightmare. Luckily, DiYPC is offering the bulk of the major components one would need to build their own gaming PC at a significant discount, and now with an updated catalog of available parts and brands.

Among these new components is the Kingston Q500 2.5in SSD, a storage solution that can be easily used to increase the PC’s storage capacity without spending hundreds of dollars on a 1tb drive that will never be fully utilized. DiYPC has truly tailored its catalog to the hobbyist with a variety of price ranges and options for different levels of build.

Their online store is especially convenient, as shoppers can add all the products they want to their cart with a single click and from one user-friendly interface, rather than having to visit multiple sites or pages through a messy, disorganized catalog. They offer just enough options to satisfy hobbyists without being overwhelming to first-time PC builders.

DiYPC truly values its customers and they even offer a free 90-day tech support window in case of trouble with installation or operation. They even offer custom PC builds for a small additional fee, sourced entirely from their catalog.

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