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American Car Wash’s Convenient Location Makes Them Easy To Reach

American Car Wash is a car wash and detailing company in Roslyn, New York that focuses on eco-friendly services and practices. Their professional crew utilizes high-pressure water and high-quality detergents and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean their customer’s vehicles without leaving scratches or damage. American Car Wash offers a state-of-the-art detail center, a hand wash option, a car wash tunnel, and a high-end retail shop. They have three different levels of car washing services to choose from and an express hand wash service. Their detailing service has almost every option you can think of from interior detailing to wax treatments. They ensure that their customers will be comfortable while they wait on their cars with complimentary coffee and flat-screen TVs in their luxury waiting area. Another perk of American Car Wash is its convenient location. It is about three miles and ten minutes from Manhasset and only about two and a half miles and seven minutes from Greenvale.

American Car Wash is energy efficient and kind to the environment. They are one of the first Eco-Friendly Green Car Washes on Long Island and care about the environment around them by doing all that they can to make a difference. American Car Wash uses water reclaiming, biodegradable soaps, and natural and energy-efficient lighting to save as much water and electricity as possible. They recycle and use less water than other car washes and use Green Solutions cleaning products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). American Car Wash is a WaterSavers car wash, a recognition program from the International Carwash Association that aids professional car washes to promote environmentally responsible business practices. Car wash tunnels are a quick and easy way to clean your car without wasting a ton of time and effort and therefore are quite popular at car washes. American Car Wash includes their eco-friendly mindset into their car wash tunnel in several different ways. First off, there are four skylights in the tunnel to bring in natural light to save energy. They also use water recycling in the tunnels constantly with help from huge underground holding tanks. Sequentially, the oils that this car wash uses are oil-based and better for the environment. American Car Wash uses a special conveyor belt inside their tunnels that pushes instead of pulls cars through the tunnel, compared to ninety percent of other car washes in the United States that use a pulling system. This pushing method saves energy and prevents front wheel alignment damage on its user’s car. As you can see, American Car Wash shows their appreciation and responsibility for the world around them through using eco-friendly services.

American Car Wash
American Car Wash

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