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Toronto ON Early Development Child Learning Centre – Education Programs Expanded

The centre’s newly expanded program range is specifically designed to help children develop critical foundational skills and abilities in order to bring out their potential. Their experts focus on providing a welcoming, warm environment where children can feel safe and supported throughout their enrollment.

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EYES Child Care offers programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten students. Parents can also sign their children up for their March break, summer, and Montessori programs, as well as their tutoring service.

Parents with children up to 18 months of age can register their child for the centre’s infant program, which will offer them a stimulating and loving experience. Their experts will provide fun activities that will exercise their sensory responses and will include arts, crafts, safe toys, and music. Parents can inform the staff of their child’s daily eating and napping times to ensure they can maintain their regular schedule.

Their preschool program aims to slowly get children used to daily routines that mirror typical school systems. Children will learn early literacy components, including listening to stories and recounting them, learning to write their names, recognizing the alphabet, and making their own rhymes. Additionally, they’ll learn how to count, sort objects, and compare items based on their length or volume.

Parents with children between the ages of 30 months and 5 years can enroll their child in their Montessori program. It is based on the research of Italian physician Maria Montessori, who prioritized respect for children’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. The parent’s child will be able to choose their own activity, work without interruptions, and move freely around the classroom.

EYES Child Care was established in 1999 and is dedicated to elevating the emotional intelligence of children, as well as helping them establish social and intellectual abilities. Their staff focuses on ensuring children can boost their creativity, concentration, and interest in discovering new things.

A satisfied parent said: “I am extremely happy with the care that Cheryl is getting. We can see a huge difference after we switched her over to EYES. She seems to be getting more attention, learning a lot more, and seems much happier. Naila seems to be natural with children, and you can definitely see the passion in the way she runs the school.”

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EYES Child Care
EYES Child Care
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