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Kennesaw GA Rapid PCR Test For Travel – 30-Minute Result Home Testing Launched

The newly announced program utilizes GoMed’s network of healthcare professionals to efficiently deliver PCR tests to those who need them quickly for travel. This is ideal for travelers looking to get tested quickly before departure without waiting in a long line or crowded waiting room.

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The program has been launched in response to the surging Omicron variant. Combined with other various factors, the surge has made getting the required level of testing for international or even domestic travel difficult. With GoMed, individuals can find accurate testing without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

Especially considering the outrageous worldwide pandemic surge, testing has never been more important. In the US alone, cases have increased tenfold or more, and as a result, many event venues require a negative test to admit anyone to the premises. However, due to the shortage of tests in some areas, getting that verification is nearly impossible.

Thanks to GoMed, though, the testing shortage will no longer be an issue for Kennesaw residents. Their team is well-versed in house calls and comprises care providers capable of delivering rapid and accurate tests to a vast range of locations.

Should a patient fall ill, the GoMed team is also capable of delivering care in a home setting, circumventing the risk of further spread associated with leaving the house to go to a clinic. The team can deliver medication to treat specific symptoms and even diagnose illnesses on the spot.

The care providers even have a trauma team ready to patch up lacerations and other minor injuries. This team can evaluate patients to see if additional care is needed.

One patient had this to say about GoMed: “I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a Mac Truck and could barely get out of bed. GoMed came to the house and I never had to leave the couch. No more doctors in boxes for me. I much prefer someone coming to me.”

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