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Work-Life Balance: Affecting Business More than You Think

Our amazing ability to adapt has enabled us not just to survive but thrive during some of the most profound changes in human history. Though other species have gone extinct, it is humans who continue to adapt in the face of adversity and emerge as Earth’s most dominant creatures.

We are so much more than just our bodies. Our brains and bodies were intricately linked to perform as a single unit, where the brain would strategize while planning solutions for survival or figuring out how best to communicate with other humans – all without sacrificing efficiency. The way our brain is wired has given us an evolutionary advantage. When we move, the signals are sent directly to muscles and they contract or relax as appropriate for what needs doing at that very moment. The brain and body are connected through a perfect harmony that was developed over time.

What is the impact?

The human race has thrived in its environment for 100,000 years. Humans can use their intelligence and creativity for good, not just profit or vanity but also as a way of protecting what’s left from 500 years ago when we were still wilder than today. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, our lives have changed drastically. We are no longer engaging in physical activity and we neglect to take care of ourselves because it is too much hassle or we just don’t have time for all these things anymore. We have become a society that is sooted by the physical and mental stresses of life, but we cannot take time away from our schedules to recover.

Even though we are a highly adaptive species, our brains and bodies have become divorced from one another. This is harming our ability to adapt to today’s ever-changing world. It’s not surprising that overstimulation has a detrimental effect on our brain capacity. It is imperative to take care of ourselves and keep our cognitive functions at an optimum level so we can stay sharp throughout the day. The importance of self-care can’t be overstated. Research has shown how our brain capacity diminishes when we don’t take care of ourselves effectively, which makes it even more crucial for us as an individual or in our professional life to put forth the necessary effort every day so there are no detrimental effects on performance.

What’s the biggest concern?

It is becoming increasingly clear that a lack of healthy behaviors can have detrimental effects on our brain functioning. The areas affected most by indulgence in unproductive conduct are those same regions necessary for managing stress, processing memories, and inhibiting impulsive decision making, among others things.

In today’s world of business, it is essential to remain competitive and relevant. The economic climate may change frequently but if your company can keep up with the changes in its market then there will always be opportunities for growth within that industry and across different sectors which means you won’t ever need major refurbishment or relocation. With the performance demands increasingly rising while opportunities to maintain health decrease, executives find themselves struggling. This leads them into experiencing chronic fatigue as well as accelerated aging and depression which can lead to an even worse condition called burnout; these symptoms may seem like a result of excessive stress but actually, it’s just what happens when you don’t have enough energy left over after your workday is done. In order words: “Excessive Stress isn’t always bad – It depends how much it affects us”

In 2013, Marcel Daane, a pioneer in integrating health and neuroscience to improve performance in executives, did his own research on this topic and measured 108 executives in Singapore across four different industries to estimate their physical health and brain-performance age. When he started looking into the matter, Marcel found that these executives had an average chronological age of around forties but their physical health and brain performance capacity was far below what would be considered norms for people in this age group.

It’s been proven time and again that as we age, our brains become less responsive to new information. What this means for you: as your brain gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult to make changes. As the old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This is true for more than just your cognitive skills. Organizations full of rapidly aging brains are likely to be less receptive and considerably less adaptive when it comes time for them to take on a fresh perspective or idea–they’re already set in their ways.

With a rapidly changing business climate, organizations and executives need to remain relevant if they wish to continue being competitive. However, to continue staying on top, they must pay attention/careful consideration to healthy brain fitness as well.

What is the solution?

Recent research is showing that brain performance can be improved after just one bout of 8 minutes of moderate-intensity. It remains elevated for hours before gradually dropping back down to baseline levels, so it doesn’t need a billion-dollar solution.

Exercise is a known brain builder. An intense workout has been shown to stimulate protein production in the parts of our brains responsible for high-level cognitive function and performance success.

Nutrition is also important to our brain’s health because it can affect how well we think. The nutrients in whole foods like vegetables and fruit help improve performance by regenerating neurons and Omega-3 fatty acid-rich items such as nuts or seeds keep our hearts young.

Our executives are the backbone of our business. They spend every day inspiring others, encouraging them to be healthier and happier versions of themselves. They can continue to improve their own brain performance through regular exercise and healthy eating habits so that we can all thrive together in this ever-changing world.

It’s not easy being an effective leader when your body doesn’t agree with you – but it turns out those same qualities needed for success apply here: resilience & adaptability. For more, visit

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