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RAW Capital Home Buyers Relocates Its Headquarters To San Antonio Metro Area

RAW Capital Home Buyers, a real estate solutions and investment firm from Washington, is now headquartered in Boerne, Texas. Expanding its service to Texas, especially in the San Antonio, TX market, is one of the main reasons for its relocation. Owners have also pledged to give back 5% of their total profits to the community.

According to one of RAW Capital’s owners, Andrew White, relocating its headquarters from Washington to Texas is a strategic move to reach out to more homeowners needing help to sell their houses.

“Across the country, the number of homeowners needing help to sell their properties increases. And one of the cities that we particularly want to focus on this year is San Antonio Texas,” explained White.

White shared that after much success in helping homeowners in Washington, he and his wife, Amanda White, co-owner of RAW Capital, decided that it’s time to move to a new location where they can help more people and expand their services well.

“The number of homeowners we helped has inspired us to keep on going and to keep on helping,” White said. “We particularly focus on helping those who have a problem selling their house due to foreclosure and problematic tenants.”

Aside from focusing on their mission to help people sell their houses, Andrew and Amanda White also pledge to give back 5% of all RAW Capital’s profits to provide financial literacy training within their community.

“We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and people can drastically change their lives by taking control of their personal finances,” Amanda and Andrew wrote on their website.

Amanda and Andrew White started RAW Capital after the former suddenly lost her parents. Starting the business is their way of realizing their dreams by helping homeowners and giving back to the community as well.

RAW Capital buys houses in any condition. It is a family-owned real estate solutions company now based in Boerne, Texas. It focuses on helping homeowners find solutions to their problems, whether it be foreclosure, can’t sell a property, problem tenants, or just needing to sell their house for some other reasons.

Homeowners in San Antonio who have questions on how RAW Capital works or those who want to know the process of selling a house or how to avoid foreclosure are invited to check RAW Capital’s website at or give Amanda and Andrew a call at (360) 504-6710. See reviews from recent customers by visiting their Google Business page.

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