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Practice Management Software Company Launches US Mental Health Clinic System

With the launch, the new practice management software (PMS) combines key features into one system to increase clinic management efficiency, communication and automate common tasks so that administrative time and costs are reduced and more time can be focused on customer service.

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Health clinic practice management involves multi-faceted administrative functions including the need to securely store large numbers of client records and manage complex appointment diaries, including cancellations and rescheduling. With the recent launch, Power Diary integrates key features such as appointment management, automated email and SMS reminders, online client registration with automatic record filing, and a secure telehealth portal into one streamlined system.

Without dedicated clinic management software, health centre administrative operations are highly time consuming and lead to long working hours. The clinician-designed software includes valuable labor-saving benefits such as correspondence tracking and integrated invoice and payment records.

Power Diary PMS is suitable for all therapy practice arrangements from individual practitioners to larger, multi-site clinics and is currently used by mental health professionals including psychologists and many other therapeutic service providers.

A variety of price options are available to suit the size of the clinic, ranging from one calendar for individuals up to 20 calendars for large practices and a customizable package where over 30 calendars can be added. All packages come with online support and a free 14-day trial. A free face-to-face Zoom call and demo can be arranged via the company website.

Power Diary PMS software was developed by brothers Damien and Paul Adler, a psychologist and technologist, combining their experience in health practice management and technological innovation. For over 12 years, their system has been used in over 23 countries and is available in Utah and nationwide in the USA. For more information, please visit

A satisfied customer said: “Power Diary has made life at my clinic so easy. From the client portal, custom invoices to sales reports, even for a small business like mine, it all increases my professional image and efficiency.”

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Power Diary – USA – Practice Management Software
Power Diary – USA – Practice Management Software

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