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New Vidalia GA Physical Disability Support Medicaid Paid Family Caregiver Launch

Through the state-approved Community Care Services Program, the Lyons caregivers carry out new expansions of their home-based assistance plans throughout the local area. Community Home Nursing Services offers skilled nursing and home health care options to vulnerable patients in Vidalia and surrounding regions. This includes advice on applying for Georgia state financial support for home care givers.

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The new expansion is announced to bring greater care support to those with physical disabilities in Vidalia and other nearby communities. As professional caregivers, the company is equipped to match patients with suitable in-home nurses so as to provide families with an alternative option to nursing homes.

With statistics suggesting that a majority of Americans will experience difficulties in physically caring for themselves once they reach the age of 65, the availability of suitable care options is vital. Community Home Nursing Services explains that in-home care allows elderly or otherwise disabled patients to remain at their own properties while living with more independence than care homes might offer.

As such, the Lyons-based caregivers strive to create personalized care plans centered around companionship and communication. Through one-on-one nursing, staff aim to build a relationship of trust with patients while encouraging them to maintain their own normal schedules and freedom.

Elderly or incapacitated patients in Vidalia can benefit from the company’s commitment to in-home care. Staff are able to provide extensive physical disability nursing ranging from mobility, bathing, exercise, and eating support to general housekeeping, essential shopping, and respite services.

Further, working as part of the Georgia Medicaid Paid Family Caregiver program, the Lyons nursing home is able to facilitate extended financial support for those who regularly care for senior or disabled family members at home.

“Let us provide you with high-quality care,” says a company spokesperson. “We specialize in care and daily living assistance for an array of individuals in need. Whether you require daily or weekly assistance due to aging, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our caregivers will provide an individualized service that you can trust. Feel better in the comfort of your own home.”

Interested parties in Vidalia and other locations in the Lyons area are invited to visit to learn more about Community Home Nursing Services and its comprehensive range of physical disability support nursing programs.

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