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Michael Malul Success Story: From a Small Shop to a Household Fragrance Brand

Michael Malul is a fragrance brand that was established simply with the love of fragrance at its core. The creator behind the brand owned several retail fragrance locations and his passion for niche and designer fragrances grew into wanting a brand of his own. Originally, Michael Malul was meant to be an exclusive brand for the owner’s retail locations. However, by word of mouth, many others took interest in the brand and the wholesale side of the business grew immensely from there.

Currently, Michael Malul is in 1,000+ retail locations across the U.S, and the number is growing more and more each day. Their eCommerce store launched in December 2020 making large strides in the fragrance industry. Due to the large success of the eCommerce side of the business, Michael Malul plans to expand globally in April 2022, allowing fans across the world access to their products.

Michael Malul is headquartered in Columbus, OH and all the magic is done in house. One thing that differentiates this brand from many others is that the brand touches each part of the process from ideation, to product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The brand values the opportunity to manufacture their products in their headquarters and distribute them straight to their customers, while also bringing new jobs to the Columbus area.

The brand has a very close knit company work culture where every employee’s voice is equally heard and valued. During the product development process, each member of the team sits down for a “smelling session” to review new submissions for future and potential products. Everyone voices their thoughts and offers suggestions for improvements and modifications. Once a scent is selected – the story begins. Michael Malul strives to bring innovative and unique scents to the fragrance industry while also maintaining current trends.

Collaborating with some of the world’s greatest perfumers, Michael Malul uses fragrance to express the intangible. The brand’s mission is to pursue their vision of the perfect fragrance without compromise, using the finest raw ingredients sourced from around the world. Perfumers such as: Frank Voelkl (the creator of Black Tie), Illias Ermenidis (the creator of Jet Black Enigma), and Roger Howel (creator of the Citizen Jack collection) are amongst the world’s most renowned perfumers and credited with creating some of Michael Malul’s top selling fragrances.

Despite all of the hardships 2021 had to offer, the year was still very successful for the brand.â?? The company has tripled in headcount over the past year and is expected to continue to grow in the coming year as well. Although Michael Malul may be small, they are incredibly mighty, making groundbreaking moves within the fragrance industry.

Michael Malul seeks to tell olfactory stories and inspires to create fragrances that make you feel your most cherished memories over and over again. Scent is our most powerful connection to memory and emotion, and it is special to have a fragrance that brings those memories back to life. As this brand continues to create revolutionary scents, work with such distinguished perfumers, and grow in their projected rate – Michael Malul is becoming a fragrance house to be reckoned with. If you are unfamiliar with this brand now, take note because this will definitely not be the last time you hear the name: Michael Malul.

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Michael Malul London

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