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Los Angeles Pediatric Dentist Updates: Children’s Sleep Apnea And Orthodontics

Pediatrics, orthodontics and sleep apnea. An unlikely/unneeded combination? Not so says Dr Audrey Yoon from The Brace Place & Kids Dentistry

Dr. Audrey Yoon says “3-12% of children snore, ~10% have obstructive sleep apnea and up to 25% of children have sleep disordered breathing according to the AFP Journal. Untreated sleep apnea in kids can hold them back, they’re less likely to thrive like other children, and more likely to have attention-deficit disorder, behavior problems, poor academic performance, and many physical health issues from fatigue and a weak immune system”.

The link to orthodontics is that early orthodontic treatment for expanding the upper jaw or upper arch, and modifying the bony structure of the face can help treat sleep and breathing issues. This can also improve bed-wetting, ADHD, clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep, or other habits that are associated with childhood sleep apnea.

Dr Audrey specializes in helping children with sleep issues, through growth modification using orthodontic intervention. She is a pioneer in this Sleep Orthodontics field. She is widely published on this issue, and has extensive specialized training. She is also a diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Stanford University Sleep Medicine Center, an adjunct assistant professor in Orthodontics at University of Pacific and also a co-director of Pediatric Dental Sleep Mini-residency program at Tufts University.

This practice is conveniently located at 16424 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706 and welcomes parents from/near Downey, Norwalk, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Lakewood.

Dr Yoon and her team offer pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and sleep apnea treatments from children, teenagers to adults, all ages.

A parent recently said on Google “My kids absolutely love it here. The staff is amazing and so patient with the children. They used to be afraid of the dentist but not anymore. Every check up and treatment have been a breeze and we get treated like a family. This is the place to be”

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The Brace Place & Kids Dentistry – Dr Audrey Yoon
The Brace Place & Kids Dentistry – Dr Audrey Yoon

16424 Bellflower Blvd

United States

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