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Idea Dolls, a Packaging Design Agency in London, uses Social Anthropology to Launch Brands

Idea Dolls, a Company that Serves Businesses that Dare Mighty Things

London, UK – The business world revolves around brands, the impression they leave on people, the packaging their products come in, and what they stand for. Since branding and packaging are two of the most important aspects of advertising and marketing, businesses in London and all of the UK need to take time and strategize carefully with their customers in mind. This way, they can build a precise brand personality, attract a new customer base, make meaningful partnerships, and impact the lives of the people who surround them.

While there are rules for brand packaging, businesses need a brand and packaging agency that can rewrite the rules to come up with unique, creative, and personalized ideas to break even in the market. Business owners in London searching for such an agency can rely on Idea Dolls. The agency was created for rebel founders, uncommon brands, and businesses that dare mighty things.

Idea Dolls – for Founders and Uncommon Brands

Just like the matryoshka (stacking) doll, a business/brand comprises little elements, each opening up to reveal another until the stuff that makes it unique is reached. Idea Dolls was created based on this concept by a group of friends for founders who are oddballs, weirdos, rebels, or anarchists who believe that rules, whether speech, design, or brand, are made to be broken.

The senior creatives of Idea Dolls have backgrounds from international packaging and advertising agencies. They have worked on different brands including, Lancome, Moonpig, Marmite, Leon, Lola’s Cupcakes, and Deliveroo. Throughout their careers, they discovered that innovation always trumps imitation, and business/brands/founders that dare to break the rules have a higher chance of success.

Since its inception, Idea Dolls has served food and drink brands exclusively in the UK markets. With the belief that brands need to know their markets and their people to turn brand uprisings into category revolutions, the team has adopted the approach of Social Anthropology to launch brands.

The Process of Social Anthropology that Launches Brands

Social Anthropology studies how people live in different cultural and social settings across the globe. Each society, no matter the location, varies in how the people plan for daily activities as well as their organizational systems, cultural practices, religious beliefs, political perceptions, and economic arrangements.

As a packaging design agency, Idea Dolls has created a new method of launching brands to the market using the concept of Social Anthropology. The team conducts extensive research before designing brands and packaging that connect with audiences on shelves rather than creating something that looks excellent but may not be a perfect fit visually for their target audiences.

To effectively use anthropology for brands, the team asks difficult questions to deliver customized results. They understand that businesses don’t just need branding, but they also desire to know their market categories and audiences to offer better products/services compared to their competitors in the market. They use a simple process to get businesses/brands ahead.

First, they use the approach of brandthropology to discover what a brand needs in terms of new audiences. With the knowledge that data can only go up to a certain point when it comes to understanding audiences, the team combines quantitative and qualitative research with anthropological approaches to understand cultures, views, and perceptions.

Idea Dolls only specializes in the personal care, food, and beverage industries within the UK market. This gives them the ability and expertise to invest more in trends, data, and consumer reports about those categories. In this step, the team conducts current and accurate research to give them and their clients confidence in the creative approach to the challenge.

Once they have this information, the team designs, writes, rhymes, and illustrates the brand to life. They work on the brand name, story, palette, fonts, tagline, and other minor details that bring purpose and personality to a brand/business. These simple steps have allowed Idea Dolls to have many 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, and a track record of satisfied clients.

Brand Services offered at Idea Dolls

From their design studio in Camden, Idea Dolls turn products/services into brand experiences to connect ambitious enterprises with the minds and hearts of their audiences using creative processes and purpose-led branding/packaging. They specialize in providing branding strategies, brand design services, and print packaging design services.

Contact Idea Dolls

Businesses/brands that desire to dream like startups, design like artists, or test like pendants can call Idea Dolls on 07951759864 for a free brand consultation. The agency is located at 56c Church Crescent, London, N10 3NE, UK. For any inquiries about the services they provide or the Social Anthropology approach, visit their website.

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