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Hairy Back/Body Shaver For Men – Nick-Free Razor With Wet/Dry Long Handle Update

The recent updates improve upon the already bestselling Body Shaver, including a detachable head that makes it easier to use on the chest, stomach, and forearms without difficulty.

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The latest announcement comes after customer feedback showed a desire for a longer handle on the item, making it simple to use alone and without help. The updates also include a folding mechanism that makes it easier to store and carry.

Whether a customer has a hairy back, or is concerned with body hair in other areas, Fuze Brands has the answer. Their Back and Body Shaver for men has remained popular since its initial launch, and with regular updates and improvements, continues to be a bestselling item for the grooming brand. Men who are looking for a smooth and hairless back, men who prefer to go hairless for sports performance, and men who are tired of the heat and friction caused by back hair all come back to the shaver time and again.

In most cases, shaving body hair on the back can be a chore simply because it’s one of the hardest to reach areas of the body. Without help, it’s almost an impossible task. But with the Back and Body Shaver, customers can shave alone without worrying about nicks and cuts, thanks to the clever teeth on the anti-rust blades and the 10.2-inch handle. One simply glides the razor across the skin (wet or dry) for a smooth result, without patches.

With the detachable head, users can also take advantage of a clean shave elsewhere on the body, to effectively remove hair across the chest, stomach, legs, arms, and anywhere else. Provided with an extra 2 Dry Glide blades, swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders, and everyday guys can take advantage of the innovative design for total body hair removal – with worldwide shipping.

“I’m almost a werewolf,” said one satisfied customer. “But with my Back and Body Shaver, I look like a human again. Plus, my girlfriend loves the new, hairless me.”

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