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DogBreedDetec App: A Dog Breed Detection App Using State of the Art Neural Network AI

We have all been there – we’ve seen a dog but couldn’t name the breed of that dog. We probably went online in search of the name of that dog breed, often failing to find the right one. Or we knew the breed of a dog but had no idea about its origins or the characteristics. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could use innovative technology through our phones to find out which breed a dog is and learn more about these breeds?

DogBreedDetec is an app that makes it possible to identify dog breeds with a high degree of accuracy. This app uses innovative AI technology when analyzing images or photos of a dog taken by a mobile phone. In order to make an accurate analysis of the image, the DogBreedDetec app uses a special AI neural network architecture which is also reinforced by the latest kind of transformer technology. Another in-house AI program helps optimize the app in order to provide the best results. After downloading the app, users can register and upload a photo or a picture of a dog. This will activate the AI technology and it will come up with an accurate result in seconds. When the breed of the dog is revealed, users will also have the chance to read related information about that particular breed, making the DogBreedDetec app an educative tool as well.  

The innovative technology used in this app can be explained by way of the two basic concepts within artificial intelligence: deep learning and machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that includes algorithms that analyze data, learn from that data and modify themselves without human intervention to produce desired output. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning where algorithms are structured in layers to create an ‘artificial neural network’ that can learn and make intelligent decisions on its own. Deep learning is a key technology behind voice control in devices such as smart phones, tablets and TV’s. By maximizing the use of these advanced AI technologies, the DogBreedDetec app will produce precise dog breed detection results for a fun and educative experience.

KI-Kraftwerk is behind this innovative new AI technology. They are a group of three dog enthusiasts and AI-developers from Berlin Germany. Combined with their passion and love for dogs, they have put their extensive AI knowledge and experience in creating this app. KI-Kraftwerk is looking for backers and supporters on Kickstarter. Once they reach their target of €50,000, as a backer, you can be the first proud owner of their innovative app.

For more info on how to support them, please check out their Kickstarter page at