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Sueñita to drop on January 14

Sueñita is a song that is based upon Seago’s dream that he had. The song is telling parts of the dream and how the dream was, the dream felt so real that Seago had to write a song about it and that’s when it got started.

About the word Sueñita

it means” a little dream” in Spanish, the word was taken inspiration from the movie “In the heights”.  Although in the movie they said “Sueñito”, Seago thought they said Sueñita and got stuck with it.

The song is about adventures and that’s the type of lifestyle Seago is about. He calls it «La vida loca» inspired by Ricky Martin, Although Seago has a different vision from Ricky Martins. That vision is still hard to fully explain, But he is trying to explain it through his music and what he got going on. The song builds up after the Latin vibes, but still different from most Latin Music.

 Seago was supposed to sing the entire song, but decided to bring more spice into the song. He brought features with different music backgrounds, the first feature goes by the name Crowded Places and the other by the name STILL ASHLAND. Crowded Places is from the USA and STILL ASHLAND from Colombia.

Seago has worked with these artists for quite a long time and in the works they’ve worked together on, these artists have shown how exceptional they are. And also build a good trust towards each other, Seago says he can’t wait to share those songs that he has with them. Seago has more songs on the way, and there is one that is connected with this song that will be out this year

 About Seago

Seago is a 21 year old musician from Norway who has been doing music for 3 years. He always wanted to create his own music: it was a dream of his, creating art he could call his own.

This dream came true after working hard to set up his own studio back in 2018, when he started to work in beat production for a while. All this started in his basement in a city called Elverum, and as time went his creativity kept growing.

He started Djing, songwriting and also making songs of his own. He has a passion for music and it has always been one of his dreams to make music.

Seago’s music ranges from Trap-pop,R&B,Edm,Pop and Hip hop.

Seago is now planning on sharing both his music and lifestyle with the whole world in 2022: unpredictable hits, depending on his mood. The passion you can feel in his craft is breath-taking. nearly incomprehensible, and it will be seen throughout the year.

Besides music, Seago loves traveling, learning new languages (he can speak 5 different languages!) and discovering new cultures. He also likes to dance, play sports and have fun with his friends and family.

 About Crowded Places

Crowded Places is a rapper from the USA in a city called Pennsylvania, he’s been working with music for around 13 years. He’s been crafting his music through the years, a lot of his music has deep and meaningful lyrics. Crowded Places is an Independent artist, he makes his own beats,songwriting, Mixing and mastering as well.

Most of his music is Hip Hop and electronic based, but he has a lot of indie and alternative influence.

Music link to his latest song


STILL ASHLAND is an independent artist from Bogotá, Colombia. He’s responsible for making his own beats, writing his own lyrics, recording his own vocals, mixing his own tracks and promoting his own brand.

 For several years, he’s been constructing a solid base of knowledge and experience to be able to take on the music industry in his own way. He has a very wide genre boundary, since he is a fan of experimenting with his music and expresses himself in whatever type of sound fits best.

His main styles are groovy and chill, with always something in them that sets them apart from the rest.

Coming from a Colombian background, STILL ASHLAND decides to use his Latin origin and Spanish language to fuel his production styles, which leads him to make genres like reggaetón and it’s variations; while of course, implementing his own touch.

STILL ASHLAND is very excited to show what he’s capable of in his future releases, and hopes music will be a suitable life for him. Some artists that inspire his music are J. Cole, Everyone You Know, DROELOE, Cook Thugless, Samsa, Quadeca, Jon Bellion, Flume, Swae Lee, Mura Masa, Phoenix, Diomedes Diaz, Still Woozy (actually big inspiration for the name as you may have gathered already) and lots more. He highly appreciates every single listener and encourages them to reach out to him to let him know what they think or just to simply chat

Music link for his latest song