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Gospel trap artist Amere May Jr.

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Gospel trap artist Amere May Jr.

Detroit, Michigan Jan 13, 2022 ( – Amere May Jr. is a musical artist and songwriter from South Haven, MIchigan. What makes him different as a music artist is that he’s been successful and alot aress besides just making great music. For example, he’s a professional athlete who played division one basketball. In college, he was the 6th leading scorer in the nation and played in several countries while still able to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications TV and Radio.

What he brings to music is very rare. He calls it Gospel Trap Music. His voice and his creativeness on the production side are very different than other artists because of the musician that he is. He tries to use his gifts to make a sound like that has never been heard before. The legacy that he will leave will be priceless. Something no man could ever purchase. It only could be passed down to his kids because they are the ones that have his last name and will hold the brand to a higher standard. He wants his legacy to not just be about just money but it will show the world that anything is possible and to follow your dreams at all costs no matter what. His legacy will improve lives and show that love is a new way. “If this world has more love for one another this world can be a better place”, he quoted. He wants to show athletes that there are more ways to save their life and that they don’t have to dribble a ball or run with a ball to make it. “There are other ways you can be successful and I’m living proof”, he stated. Being remembered for positivity and love is important to him and he will do just those things so one day his actions that he chose to take can help somebody else one day.

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