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Click Profit – Breaking digital age records in all areas of e-commerce


Click Profit, an e-commerce consulting company set out to break records. Over the past few years Click Profit has acquired hundreds of clients within their Amazon FBA automation program. Click profit has transformed the investing game by allowing access to the e-commerce industry to people who do not have the skills to run a successful online business themselves. They take all the guesswork out of a successful e-commerce store by plugging and playing in their teams, systems and software’s.

Not only have they proven themselves by taking over the entire industry by storm, but they are also setting records across the board. They hold the record for the most expensive Amazon FBA store sold within the United States. They are also the only company who holds active relationships with various VC & Private Equity firms, ready to gobble up their clients’ stores when they are willing to sell. Their model, unique in itself, works as follows. They acquire customers through a startup fee which allows clients access to their software, their expertise and their vast relationships with manufacturers and distributors all around the world. They then build, scale & manage these e-commerce stores on behalf of their clients and prepare them for an exit.

Before the digital age there were limited ways you could invest and grow your money. This specific model allows clients to passively grow their money within the e-commerce industry without lifting a finger. Click Profit Works on a profit split model so everybody’s best interests are aligned.

An example of a store that has been sold is below. When Click Profit believes a client’s store is in prime for an exit, they will first reach out to their clients and see if they are interested in selling their store. Their VC & Private Equity firms get first pick to which stores they want to purchase, after that the bidding opens up to the public.

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