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Coencorp Lands Contract with Global Aluminum Producer for its SM2-FUEL Solution

An international global producer of standard grade and value-added primary aluminum products, has placed an order for Coencorp’s SM2-FUEL, the company’s flagship fleet fuel management system, for one of its three smelters in the United States. There were two primary areas of concern for the aluminum producer. The first involved the ability to prevent fuel fraud within the fleet of 200 vehicles. The second concern was to prevent drivers from adding incorrect fuel to the vehicles and thus damaging the engine.

Mr. Ali Tavassoli, CEO of Coencorp comments, “Unfortunately for fleets of all sizes, fuel fraud can be an issue and a concern regarding the overall operating costs for a company. That, coupled with the situation of a fleet that has both gas and diesel run engines, the incorrect fuel can be mistakenly added to a vehicle. This results in a damaged engine, expensive repairs or replacement and the inconvenience of a fleet vehicle service outage.”

While much has been discussed about fraud involving fuel cards, manufacturing companies who have above ground storage tanks (AST’s) for in-house fueling, experience issues as well. At times, the fuel designated for a fleet vehicle will sometimes end up elsewhere adding to the company’s overall operating costs. Coencorp’s SM2-FUEL solution tackled both issues of concern for the aluminum producer with it’s superior capabilities dedicated to fuel distribution management. The SM2-Fuel incorporated a fuel-ring operation with passive nozzle tag identifiers. The passive nozzle tag is a nozzle splash guard with an RFID chip embedded into it. This solution doesn’t need a battery or any other electronic components. In a manufacturing environment, nozzles can be roughly handled. They can get banged up or dropped on the ground and sometimes even driven over by accident. Battery operated active nozzle devices exist however, they will fail after a few days of operation not to mention the battery not performing reliably during harsh ambient conditions. Each vehicle is equipped with a vehicle data unit (VDU) provided by Coencorp. The SM2-FUEL site controller reads the information from the vehicle’s VDU and with the RFID, approves fueling to start. This system also ensures the correct type of fuel is added to the fuel tank and that only predesignated vehicles can fuel up at the facility. If an attempt is made to add fuel to a plastic gas can or a vehicle that is not part of the fleet, the fueling operation ceases.

Mr. Tavassoli adds, “From our past experiences of providing fuel management solutions for over 30 years, we have seen situations where a fleet driver will mistakenly attempt to add the incorrect fuel to a vehicle. With the SM2-FUEL passive nozzle tag, this potential disaster was averted and has in some cases prevented extensive damage to equipment valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The other important benefits of Coencorp’s Fuel-Ring solution in addition to security and ease of operation are safety and complying with local law safety regulations because the VDU/Fuel-Ring arrangement won’t let the pump release the fuel to a vehicle with a running engine. There is an environmental protection benefit as well. If the latched-on nozzle falls out of the filling pipe during the fueling process, the pump will shut down preventing a large spill and extensive clean-up operations.

The installation of Coencorp’s SM2-FUEL solution will take place at one of the aluminum smelter facilities over the next few months.

About Coencorp: Founded in 1991, Coencorp is a leading manufacturer of automated fleet and fuel management solutions. They design, develop, manufacture, market, and support sophisticated hardware/software systems that deliver efficient management of fleets of 100 or more vehicles. Their mission is to contribute to their valued clients’ bottom line by reducing their highest operating expenses, namely labor cost, fuel consumption, and asset tracking & maintenance, through the intelligent use of Coencorp advanced automated hardware and software technologies. Today, Coencorp systems are used globally in over 1000 sites, managing over 500,000 vehicles in various public or private organizations, including but not limited to municipalities, public transits, national defense, oil & gas operators and companies, mining, construction, transportation, utilities, telecom, private fleets, and automobile dealerships.

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