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Business Beyond the Shoe Box Launches Online Course for Rapid Business Growth

Business Beyond the Shoe Box, a business growth consulting and coaching company in California, is excited to announce the release of its new, cutting-edge, online course. The 20 Minute CFO course was created to help small business owners put growing their businesses on the fast track.

Small businesses have been hard-hit these past two years and their owners need more help than ever to recover their financial health and save their businesses. The 20 Minute CFO course is the brainchild of Lorna Whiteaker, the owner and founder of Business Beyond the Shoe Box. After working with hundreds of business owners who were looking for help to make more money, she discovered that far too many were missing at least one or more of the basic money skills and business tools they needed to have a profitable business. Out of this work she designed and developed a step-by-step system for creating an income growth game plan which helps struggling businesses implement the revenue strategies and revenue relevant activities smart entrepreneurs use to consistently produce the best results.

Today’s entrepreneurs need more than access to content, they need usable information that solves their specific problems, and they need a way to get answers to their questions sooner rather than later. To address this need, The 20 Minute CFO course is a hybrid of the two proven methods for acquiring and using new skills. On-demand learning modules coupled with group coaching will enable the DIY business owner to acquire skills and then use the business tools needed to implement the strategies instrumental to rapid business growth.

The 20 Minute CFO uses a revolutionary, hybrid approach of pairing online learning modules with live group coaching sessions resulting in business owners making more money with rapid business growth success. Every participant in the beta group saw growth and results in less than 90 days – some in as little as two weeks. The course focuses on the 5 money paradigms that in-the-know business owners use to create and operate profitable businesses and which are fundamental for rapid business growth.

Lorna Whiteaker is a certified Xperiencify(R) course creator and has sought to incorporate powerful engagement triggers and short training modules to keep learners moving forward toward course completion and success. When paired with live group coaching, the results from the beta group speak for themselves. Lorna Whiteaker says: “We want to add as much value as possible with our course launch because we want to give our customers the best return on the investment of their time and money as possible.”

Business Beyond the Shoe Box’s approach to helping small business owners create an income game plan has consistently produced stunning results. The mission of Business Beyond the Shoe Box is to help business owners have a business and life they love through effective systems and solutions that produce sustainable rapid business growth. This new course is just one of the many ways Business Beyond the Shoe Box achieves that goal. Customers have experienced rapid business growth and as one beta user commented: “Not only has my overall income increased, more importantly, my enthusiasm and excitement about my own business has rocketed.” Some clients were able to double or even triple their revenue after working with Lorna Whiteaker.

When asked about The 20 Minute CFO, Lorna Whiteaker said: “We think it’s going to be a real hit because customers in the beta group all saw results within 90 days. The 20 Minute CFO shows business owners how to easily run their businesses by the numbers, 20 minutes at a time.”

The 20 Minute CFO is set to launch November 2nd, 2021. To find out more, visit

Business Beyond the Shoe Box is a full-service coaching and consulting company focusing on actionable business planning and income growth strategies dedicated to helping small business owners achieve their dream of having a profitable business.

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