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Nongirly Challenges Gender Stereotypes Impacting Girls and Builds a Community.

For decades, there has been a label of what it means to be a girl, with the occasional standout who is highlighted as being different or unique. Think Naomi Osaka, Alison Felix, Greta Thunberg, or Wally Funk. is a recently launched website that challenges that label and is working to create a community for those who wish to feel and be uniquely themselves.

Nongirly is about being yourself even when that choice doesn’t allow you to fit in. It stands for someone that has unique interests that may not always be the feminine “norm”. They may be called tomboys, geeks, introverts, weirdos, bruh girls, girl gamers, athletes, and the like. They are independent and more comfortable defying the status quo, especially when it defies traditional feminine stereotypes. But they haven’t abandoned femininity, they have just broadened the definition.

Reva Enzminger, the Founder, originally created NONGIRLY to give parents a resource for finding gifts for their daughters with unique interests such as STEM, skating, dinosaurs, bugs and the like. While trying to buy gifts for her daughter, she was bombarded with an endless assortment of pink, rainbows and unicorns. The problem was her daughter didn’t like those things. “The pink market is well served”, said Enzminger, “but at some point, you must ask yourself, does she like this because this is all that she sees? Or does she really like it?”

She quickly discovered that Nongirly had the potential to be so much more than product recommendations. In focus groups, Nongirly uncovered women and young girls struggling with the desire to be themselves, while also facing the uncertainty of not being accepted. Sometimes, they gave into the need to fit in and ultimately conform, only to find themselves later in life gravitating to what ultimately made them happy. “Women need a place to feel accepted and celebrated in their differences, and it can start at an early age,” said Enzminger. “They also needed to know how their unique interests can make them powerful later in life, especially when it came to their careers.”

The Nongirly community is driven by inspiring women. Women like Corie Mattie, LA Hope Dealer, Artist, and Activist. Nongirlyâ?¯spoke to Mattie about gender stereotypes, dismantling the notion that art is not a viable career, perseverance, “tomboys” and the importance of walking to the beat of your own drum.

Another incredible story comes from Female DJ, divaDanielle, an outspoken advocate and mentor for new female DJs. She spoke withâ?¯Nongirlyâ?¯about the winding journey to find her true passion andâ?¯disclosed how believing in yourself and letting go of control can dismantle self-imposed barriers.

Nongirly plans to highlight and celebrate women and girls in a variety of careers and extending the conversation by offering steps to follow their path. You can find these stories, product recommendations, parental advice, and more at

Nongirly wants every girl to feel accepted for exactly who they are. “Our mission is to provide a space where we can all Be Unique Together,” said Enzminger. “And while it is maddening that this is not commonplace, we know the community we build will focus on just that – Grounded, geeky, goofy, genuine, glorious girls.”


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