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Cybersecurity Education Penetration Testing Tools Expert Resources Launched

Hackfile has launched tutorials, tools, and tips about penetration testing in light of the accelerating pace of cyber attacks over the last 5 years and growing in frequency since the pandemic began. The website includes various courses on the implementation of penetration testing or simulating a cyber-attack against IT and network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious third parties.

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With the launch of the new tutorials, Hackfile intends to not only sound the alarm on the recent threat spikes but also help to educate people on the best remedies and solutions. The organization’s resource base and reports on the topic can also steer people to comprehensive methods of self-teaching or several paid courses that are publicly available.

According to the UN, cybercrime – encompassing everything from theft and embezzlement to data hacking and asset destruction – has increased 600% during the pandemic. As the use of digital automation has become more widespread over the last five years, the risk of an enormous, critical cyber-event is growing. As more employees work from home on potentially vulnerable devices, the risk of insider cyber-attacks — whether unintentional or malicious — grows. The risk situation is only made worse by reliance on cloud and videoconferencing services.

The team at Hackfile strongly believes that being prepared is becoming increasingly vital as the risk of a large-scale cyber-event grows. The only approach to stop or mitigate the risk of a “cyber pandemic” from a commercial and organizational standpoint is to infuse a culture of cyber awareness into people’s work and personal life. The organization’s latest content block features a complete series about pen testing for both novice and experienced data security professionals.

Every security professional’s workflow should include penetration testing. But Hackfile’s instructions make it possible for anyone at all to do it themselves – without having to hire an external security consultant.

By discovering the weaknesses hackers are most likely to exploit, individuals and businesses may avoid cyber assaults and learn how to install preventative safeguards.

Hackfile was created to educate both average citizens and seasoned professionals about the hazards that exist in today’s cyber environment. The team believes that if a global organization left their network vulnerable to attack due to poor cybersecurity practices including the lack of effective pen testing, the effects could be catastrophic financial and reputational harm.

“Our goal is to raise awareness levels – and even people’s sense of alarm,” said a website spokesperson. “The threats are real and only getting worse. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure because the economic costs alone can be devastating.”

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