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Wall-Mounted Air Purifier – Large Space Mold/Pathogen Purification System Launch

This company recognizes that many people have become more concerned about the quality of air in their homes. Although they cannot have significant control over the air they breathe outdoors, now they can manage the quality of the air in their homes with wall-mounted air purifiers.

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The latest line of air purifiers should be attached to surfaces whenever possible to eliminate secondhand smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold, and pet odor. While these can be attached to counters, wall mounting is recommended when feasible.

By attaching the air purifier to the wall, customers can free up valuable floor or work surface space, allowing furniture and other appliances to be moved around without worrying about the air purifier. This flexibility is especially important for individuals living or working in relatively small areas. In addition, a wall-mounted unit is out of reach of curious children and pets.

Some air purifiers stand on the floor, but they can be more efficient when mounted on the wall at three to five feet high. At that height, the device will be in a good position to access both horizontal and vertical airflow and to capture large amounts of air particulates, improving air quality.

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Wall mounting does not involve complicated or dangerous equipment and can, therefore, be done by a homeowner themselves if they feel confident about following the installation instructions. If not, a local handyman can be engaged.

Airocide purifiers at Think Air Purifiers use photocatalytic oxidation, a process that does not produce harmful by-products, unlike ionization-based products. The FDA classifies this technology as a Class II medical device. With no filters to replace, Airocide purifiers provide easy maintenance.

NASA uses the same system on the International Space Station, and the Boston Red Sox baseball team has decided to install Airocide purifiers in their parks, Fenway Park in Boston and JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.

A satisfied customer wrote, “The representative was exceptionally knowledgeable, patient, incredibly understanding of my needs and concerns, directing my choice by providing me thorough product information. Very professional and a pleasure to speak with.”

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