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Urgent Medical Care Clinic Health Membership Pass For Families/Students Launched

Affordapass membership plans provide affordable urgent care for the uninsured, underinsured, and those with high insurance deductibles. It is not a substitute for insurance, but a service for individuals, families, students, and businesses looking for simpler medical solutions to suit their needs and budget.

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The new clinic access membership pass provides access to location-dependent services including but not limited to diagnostic evaluation, testing, and imaging; EKG testing, vision screening, and pregnancy tests. Students, individuals, and families can also seek treatment for sports injuries, back and joint pain, ear infections, nausea, flu, cuts and sprains, headaches, and heartburn.

According to a report by CBS, the average cost of a visit to the ER in Texas is $2,318, the sixth-highest among all 50 states. While not all insurance plans carry a deductible, and plans change by state and by year, the average deductible can run into several thousand dollars. Patients looking for greater convenience at lower prices for non-emergency situations have driven the growth of urgent care facilities and retail clinics across the United States. 90% of urgent care patients wait under 30 minutes to see a provider.

As Affordapass spokespeople emphasize, this is not an option for life-threatening situations. Instead, it is a service intended for minor conditions and accidents or routine treatments and tests.

Affordapass offers monthly and annual plans for individuals, couples, and college students. A plan for an individual with no dependents, for example, costs $45 per month; plans for couples with 3 or more dependents cost $150. The minimum duration of some memberships is 12 months. Patients pay $10 per visit when they go to a participating clinic. Affordapass memberships are also available to companies for their employees and provide a straightforward way to supplement high-deductible plans.

Organization membership also includes the “24/7 Call-A-Doc” service, allowing patients to speak with a physician any time of day or night. Call-A-Doc physicians are based in the United States, licensed in the states where they give patient consultations, and credentialed to industry standards. On-demand medical consultations can be managed over the phone, email, or online video.

Affordapass membership allows for access to 6 Affordacare Urgent Care Clinics in West Texas – in Abilene, Big Spring, Stephenville, Early, Granbury, and Wichita Falls.

Affordacare Urgent Care Clinic is a walk-in urgent care center that treats a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Patients might also be referred to primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, surgeons, and a variety of other specialists by Affordacare practitioners to ensure that they receive the care they require. Affordacare also provides comprehensive X-ray and laboratory services on-site.

“A membership pass is a natural evolution of our services,” said a clinic spokesperson. “It gives people both the security and the flexibility that patients are looking for.”

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