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Apple Valley CA Solar Panel Installation – Electric Bill Pricing Report

The updated report cites free power, reduced electrical bills and higher property values as some of these benefits.

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The recently published document aims to educate local residents and business owners on the long-term rewards of generating one’s own electricity. Not only does it offer the opportunity for personal financial gain, it also promotes the sustainable use of renewable energy.

According to the report, the choice to convert to solar-powered electricity is popular in the state of California, especially in Apple Valley and the surrounding communities. Sitting at the edge of the Mojave Desert, Apple Valley experiences sunny weather and high temperatures almost all year round.

However, the hot climate also causes electricity bills to skyrocket. Homeowners in the region can pay up to 35% above the national average for their electricity.

Switching to solar panels has been beneficial to many residents. It has lowered their monthly expenses significantly. By producing their own power, home and enterprise owners are able to save money on electricity and utility bills.

Additionally, solar electricity makes it possible for people to pay fixed power costs rather than pay annually increasing fees to private energy companies. Homeowners can save over $10,000 on average, over 20 years. The report also states that buildings that have solar panels receive higher property values.

Option One Solar is a locally-owned and operated company that specializes in the custom design, installation and maintenance of solar panels. They provide services to both residential and commercial customers in California and Arizona.

They are skilled in different solar panels installations–from flat and pitched roof, to car port and ground mount, ballasted tilt, as well as commercial solar tracker systems.

Solar power storage systems are also available for purchase. They carry durable, non-toxic batteries with superior thermal and chemical stability, allowing for much higher temperature tolerances.

A 5-star rated company, Option One Solar has been voted the best solar company in Apple Valley and Southern California for 5 consecutive years.

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