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Global People’s Summit (GPS) on Food Systems

Global Peoples Summit Food Systems official poster

RESIST – Global South-led counter-summit to the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS)

London, United Kingdom Sep 19, 2021 ( – The GPS will gather the broadest number of rural peoples, people’s organizations, CSOs, and advocates on-ground and online to develop a People’s Action Plan and draw up a People’s Declaration for the radical transformation of the current food regimes towards just, equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems.

The build-up activities and the three-day main event culminate all efforts and activities held since early this year to expose the neoliberal corporate agenda of the UNFSS and to amplify the voices of the hungry and marginalized for food systems that work for us, for our people, and for our planet.

Build-up activities | Sept 17-20

To register: click on the link for each activity

Migrants on Food Security and Sovereignty

September 17 | 2 PM Hong Kong

Organizer: International Migrants Alliance

The Future of Food Systems is Indigenous

September 17 | 6 PM Guatemala

Organizer: Int’l Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation

Unmasking Bill Gates: Neocolonialism and the Failed Rice Revolution

September 20 | 11AM Rome

Organizers: Stop Golden Rice! Network Asia, People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS), and A Growing Culture

Farmers, Not Corporations, Feed Africa!

September 20 | 4 PM Nairobi

Organizer: PCFS Africa

Unite to Resist the Neoliberal Food System in Latin America

September 20 | 10AM La Paz & Caracas

Organizers: Instituto Politecnico Tomas Katari (IPTK)-Bolivia, Confederacion Nacional de Pescadores Artesanales de Chile (CONAPACH), Federacion Campesina Bolivariana de Venezuela, PCFS, Global Forest Coalition

Global People’s Summit on Food Systems | September 21-23

To register for the GPS via Zoom:

Summit Opening | September 21

9AM New York & La Paz / 3PM Rome / 4PM Nairobi / 9PM Manila

Rural peoples from the Global South will speak on how they envision and achieve just, equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems.

The opening program also includes cultural performances, solidarity messages from various personalities, and a panel discussion on the UNFSS and its outcomes. There will be a tribute to peasant heroes and martyrs from across the globe.

Side Events | September 22

To register for side events: click on the link on each activity

Transforming Food Systems through People-Led Agroecology

12 PM Malaysia

Organizers: PAN Asia Pacific, MASIPAG, and PAN North America

Local Food First: Challenging the Techno-Trade Dogma

7:30 PM Sydney

Organizer: Local Futures

Asserting Food Sovereignty, Transforming Food Systems

5 PM Karachi

Organizer: PCFS and Asia Pacific Research Network

National on-ground and online activities:

  • Malaysia

National Food Systems Workshop – Malaysia

10 AM Kuala Lumpur

Organizers: PAN Asia Pacific, MOPOT, North-South Initiative, Tenaganita, ILPS Malaysia, PCFS

  • Pakistan

National Food Systems Summit – Pakistan

9 AM Karachi

Organizers: PKMT and Roots for Equity

  • Philippines

SALU-SALO 2021: The National People’s Food System Summit

4PM Manila (livestream at Salu-Salo Facebook page)

Organizer: Agroecology X

  • Sri Lanka

People’s Rally on Food Sovereignty and Blue Justice

10AM Colombo (livestream at NAFSO Facebook page)

Organizer: National Fisheries Solidarity Organization

  • Indonesia

Indonesia People’s Conference

1 PM Jakarta

Organizers: Front Perjuangan Rakyat, Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria and ILPS Indonesia

  • Cambodia
  • India

Global Day of Action & Speak Out | September 23

9AM New York / 3PM Rome / 4PM Nairobi & Amman / 9PM Manila

The virtual event of the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) will be countered by a Global Day Action with the theme, “RESIST! End the global corporate empire on food!” to protest against the corporate control of food systems being strengthened by the UNFSS.

The Speak Out for Just, Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Food Systems will present the policy recommendations and action plans drawn from the thematic, regional, sectoral, and national events building up to the main event, as well as the Four Pillars of Transformation. The People’s Declaration for the radical transformation of our food systems will also be presented and adopted.

On-ground rallies will also be held to close the Summit, complemented with a global social media rally using the hashtags #Hungry4Change and #OurFoodSystems.

“Stop the Davos Agenda of corporate control over the upcoming UN Food Systems. Summit by predatory PPPs, driven by @wef @wbcsd, etc”

Kirtana Chandrasekaran, International Program Coordinator for Food Sovereignty

“The Peoples Hub are proud to support this summit and elevate The Peoples Voice across the world to bring about the change we need in Our Food Systems.”

Susan Dolan, CEO, The Peoples Hub

“The greenwashing in the food systems is a carbon copy of what goes on in the fashion industry. We need to give the power back to all of our local communities. The world of fashion glitters with temptation but it also leaves in its wake, exploited, abused, and impoverished communities and a fast depleting planet. We now face a new phenomenon, Greenwashing. Greenwashing: the deceptive art of false labeling.”

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky, President & CEO of Human Rights for Women, and Global Sustainability Fashion Consultant

“If you are changing your diet for the planet, it doesn’t have to mean giving up meat. As an individual, greening your pension will have a bigger impact. What you can do is eat less meat but better quality and taste the difference on your fork”

Esther Morrison, High Peak Food Consultancy

“We must shift to the regenerative and ethical production of moderate amounts of nutritious animal-source foods to achieve healthy and sustainable diets for all.”

Ty Beal is, Global nutrition scientist seeking to help improve diets and nutrition in vulnerable populations across the world

“Chymosin is a processing aid to facilitate milk coagulation, mostly removed during whey draining. Not a nutrient of cheese (which is highly sophisticated & much more than “milk proteins”). For cheese, you need milk. For milk, you need cows. For cows, you need farmers.”

Frederic Leroy, Animal Source Foods In Ethical, Sustainable & Healthy Diets

“In case it comes up. All *arable land* is agricultural land. Not all agricultural land is arable (cannot produce human-edible crops). Most arable land is used to produce human-edible crops. Byproducts from those crops can be fed to livestock.”

Peter Ballerstedt, Grass Based Health

For media interviews:

Razan Zuayter & Sylvia Mallari, PCFS Global Co-Chairpersons


Sarojeni Rengam, PAN Asia Pacific executive director


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