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Cut It Short: A Visual Reconstruction of Shared Adolescence

Cut It Short is a stunning forthcoming photo-book by Polish photographers Michal Solarski and Tomasz Liboska that reconstructs memories of the teenage years they shared together in a small town in the south of Poland in the 1990s. Its title refers to an old tradition in Slavic cultures called ‘Postrzyzyny’ involving young boys having their hair cut for them in order to enter society, a coming of age of sorts. The book tells a universal, timeless story of adolescent friendship and discovery, and the journey from boyhood to adulthood. It entails models re-enacting memorable events that helped to shape the photographers’ young lives during their formative years.

Their was nothing unusual about the photographers’ teenage years; they were ordinary kids doing the things that boys at that age usually do, which is what makes their photos so relatable. Their work depicts events such as their first love, first smoke and all the little problems that teenagers tend to have irrespective of where they grow up. The photos that fill its pages have already been shown in exhibitions in a number of different locations including national photo festivals in the U.S., France, Germany, Poland and many others, and have been met with extremely positive responses.

Solarski and Liboska are both accomplished photographers, the former having had his work appear in a plethora of large, widely-read publications including National Geographic, The Guardian, Time and many more and the latter having his in The New York Magazine, GEO, Newsweek, LaRepublica, Polityka, Duży Format and VICE, among others. Solarski has won numerous different awards and grants, being either the winner or finalist in theLensculture Visual Storytelling and Portraits Awards, Leica Oscar Barnack Award, PDN Photo Annual and Photolucida Critical Mass, and both of their work has been widely exhibited. They are seeking to finance this project via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and want to share the visual story of their youth with the world via their intimate and touching photos.   The book is designed by Victor Balko, who has a background in designing high-quality, eye-catching photography-related literature, with him co-publishing and designing the contemporary photography magazine Album between 2013 and 2018. It promises to be one of the hot releases of this year, bringing those who flick through it back to the halcyon days of their younger years. You can check out the Kickstarter here: