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Ionization Technology Air Purifier/Particulate Removal Filterless Model Updated

The new air purifiers meet an increasingly important need, as many people have become more concerned about the quality of the air they are breathing. Pollutants, toxins, and viruses can linger in the air in homes and workspaces, allowing them to make their way into the lungs.

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This latest update from Think Air Purifiers provides devices that collect and destroy these harmful particles, breaking them down to just 14.6 nanometers in size (20 times smaller than average). The Airdog X5 and X8 from Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc use patented TPA (two-pole active) Ionic Wind Technology instead of HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air), collecting pollutants on a washable plate to minimize filter replacement cost.

The ionization technology of the Airdog X5 and X8 models works by using a high voltage to give a negative electric charge to particles or molecules that move through the ionizer. This converts these molecules into charged ions which tend to stick to airborne particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, viruses, and mold. These then fall out of the air and settle onto nearby surfaces, reducing the number of airborne pollutants that are in danger of being inhaled.

Unlike pure ionizers, electrostatic air purifiers such as the Airdog X5 and X8 have a charged collector plate that attracts particles. Without this, the charged particles are attracted to the floor, carpets, and curtains, or somewhere else in a room.

This latest update to Think Air Purifiers’ range of products is in line with the company’s commitment to improving people’s quality of life with the latest in air purifier technology. More details can be found at

About Think Air Purifiers

Think Air Purifiers was founded by a family of engineers with a background in research and development, consumer electronics, and enterprise software solutions. The company has gained a strong reputation for providing carefully researched product recommendations to help customers find the appropriate air purifier for them. This is indicated by the numerous positive customer reviews on its online store.

A satisfied customer said, “I have only had the Airdog X5 for a week, but there is a noticeable difference in the air in my condo. The Air Quality Indicator on the unit is a big plus, as you can actually see it working. I have not had to clean the filter yet, but I am looking forward to it, as it sure beats paying $70+ twice a year for a disposable filter.”

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