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Venezuela/Spain Emigration Temporary Residence Permits Legal Guide Released

Andalucia Realty has released the new legal guide to clear up common confusions Venezuelans may have about emigration. The guide covers eight categories, each with potential relevance to Venezuelans seeking the right to live in Spain, including temporary residence either with or without the right to work, and protection under asylum for those with well-founded fears of persecution.

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The new guide authored by Maria del Carmen Gouveia details the categories of residence permits with citations from the relevant articles in Spanish law but written so as to be easily understood by anyone seeking to live in Spain. For instance, the category “Authorization of Temporary Residence and Search for Employment” clearly outlines the authorization for one year’s residence in Spain and the right to seek work, provided individuals have sufficient means to support themselves during the period. Article 175 RD 557/2011, Regulations to the Foreigners Law is cited to substantiate the paragraph.

Emigrating to and seeking residence in a foreign country can be a difficult process. With myriad legal complexities to work around, and bureaucratic challenges to navigate, even beginning such a journey can seem intimidating to anyone contemplating the move.

Maria del Carmen Gouveia’s useful guide can clarify many misunderstandings about Spanish emigration law, with the assurance that all advice is provided by an experienced legal practitioner. The guide can also give hope to Venezuelans who may not know of certain categories under which they are eligible for residence permits and visas.

Within the guide, readers can easily find not only the categories pertaining to their eligibility for a residence but also the precise legal documentation or economic requirements needed to be evidenced for their application to be accepted by the state.

Maria del Carmen Gouveia is a lawyer licensed to practise in both Spain and Venezuela. Practising since 2009, she has chiefly dealt in the fields of international law, inheritance law and financial law.

The cross-cultural ties between Spain and Venezuela and their relevance to the category of Returned Spanish are given particular emphasis, with the guide stating of these emigres: “Due to their status as Spaniards… they have the right to return to Spain.”

All interested parties can find the guide at:

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