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R&D Find Virtual Clinical Trials Negate the Detrimental Effects of the Pandemic

Orlando, FL – 14/09/21 – The entire pharmaceutical industry was backed into a corner last year, thanks to the onset of the pandemic that decimated any future prospects of performing clinical trials. R&D was forced to adopt a more virtual approach thanks to unprecedented disruption.

Now, there are many companies out there that plan to tap into virtual clinical trials in order to combat another issue: the lack of diversity within clinical trial environments. One of these companies is ObvioHealth, who now offer its virtual platform to said companies.

The FDA data shows trial demographics from all 53 medicines approved through the end of 2020, which were recorded in the Drug Trials Snapshot for 2020. In the clinical trials conducted by the FDA last year, only 8% of patients were Black or African-American. Only 6% were Asian and about 11% of respondents were Hispanic. Roughly 30% were 65 and older.

Through a proactive recruitment model that consistently leads to quicker enrollments, higher compliance and fewer dropouts, ObvioHealth’s virtual clinical trial platform delivers better clinical trial results. The new pools of participants can be found more quickly and at a lower cost; they can participate from the comfort of their homes, and they can be kept more engaged throughout the trials. Engaged patients are more likely to adhere to protocol, whether it’s reporting events, using digital health devices, or taking medication.

Clinical trials conducted on-site face many challenges during recruitment. By using digital recruitment, ObvioHealth can run virtual clinical trials on mobile devices (aka mobile clinical trials). As a result of this method, the team can identify potential participants while they scroll social media or use a search engine, as opposed to using doctors to identify and recommend candidates.

Participants receive an electronic informed consent document (eIC) after recruitment, which allows them to review the protocol and consent at their own pace. Meanwhile, study staff are available via telephone or text to answer questions. After signing the electronic enrollment form, the participant will be enrolled and study materials will be sent to their address.

ObvioHealth is a Virtual Research Organization (VRO) leading the long overdue digitization of health innovation. Launching in 2017, they leveraged technological innovation to tackle the inefficiencies in the trial process. But they knew then and now that success would come from the fusion of experienced clinical researchers and health technology pioneers. This is their winning prescription for seamless clinical trials.

To find out more about virtual clinical trials or to see what else the ObvioHealth platform has to offer, please see the following link:

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