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Boston MA Epoxy Floor Installation – Decorative Coating/Flooring Service Launch

Its newly updated services allow Metrocrete Boston to continue its mission of providing high-performance, long-lasting floor finishing solutions and concrete polishing for residential, commercial and industrial property owners within its service area.

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Suitable for a wide range of applications, the updated decorative concrete refinishing system can serve as a concrete floor epoxy for lofts, retail stores, restaurants, offices and storage facilities.

Epoxy floors are versatile, durable, and adaptable. They range from floor painting to performance-optimized, chemical resistant, non-slip coatings for heavy traffic areas.

Leveraging its years of industry experience, the company offers clients an array of concrete products that meet their stylistic and aesthetic preferences.

Clients can choose from a wide selection of floor coating solutions, including color flake and quartz epoxy systems, metallic epoxy flooring, and moisture vapor systems, among others. The concrete contractors can repair epoxy floors or install new ones starting at $3.00 -$12.00 per square foot.

The team works closely with each client, providing expert guidance throughout the process–and helping them to choose the best system for their flooring needs.

As a leading concrete floor provider in the Boston area, the company is fully equipped with the latest technology, ensuring they can provide clients with quality coatings that meet their preferences.

They offer upfront pricing and take the time to explain everything the client needs to know. The team also prides itself on its ability to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, as evidenced by the many testimonials from satisfied clients.

Property owners looking to renovate their homes can visit the website above for a complimentary price estimate.

By installing epoxy floors, clients can save cost and effort in the long term since this type of flooring is durable and easy to maintain. They are stain-resistant and can withstand spills from kids.

The new services are in line with Metrocrete Boston’s ongoing efforts to become the one-stop shop for all the concrete flooring needs of residents and businesses in Boston, Massachusetts.

A company spokesperson said: “Epoxy floors, coatings, and concrete floor paint offer unlimited uses with both functional and design benefits. Our concrete experts are available to meet all your residential, industrial, or commercial needs.”

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