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Tenerife Real Estate Agents – 2021 Property Prices Seller/Buyer Guide Launched

In their new guide, “Are Tenerife Property Prices in 2021 Going Down At The Moment?”, Tenerife Estate Agents provides a comprehensive overview of the housing market in the picturesque Spanish island.

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This latest announcement will help buyers and sellers find reliable information on how the Tenerife housing market has been affected by the pandemic and Brexit over the last year.

Founded in 2006, Tenerife Estate Agents has become a leading property agency for non-resident buyers in Spain. The agency’s owner, Andy Ward, started the business after moving to Spain and finding most estate agents were unreliable with passive / ineffective and outdated marketing strategies. The company now specialises in providing buyers and sellers accurate advice and high-quality real estate services.

According to the agency’s latest publication, sales in Tenerife have increased significantly over the last year. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and Brexit, prices have remained stable, with most listings showing properties priced at a realistic cost.

The agency found that online marketing and sales tools have become especially important in order to meet the needs of overseas clients. Indeed, 40% of the firm’s sales have been conducted entirely remotely, with buyers only viewing the property via video call and photographs prior to purchase.

The report also offers valuable advice for buyers interested in property in Tenerife. The firm has found that most sellers are older, own their property out-right and feel little pressure to sell quickly. As such, buyers that give low-ball offers are rarely successful.

Tenerife Estate Agents recommends buyers work with an experienced agent when searching for property in the area. Professional agents can help cut-down on time looking for listings, so buyers can find a home that suits their needs faster.

With this latest publication, Tenerife Estate Agents reaffirms its commitment to providing buyers and sellers with trusted advice on the Tenerife housing market.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “At Tenerife Estate Agents, our focus is on quality properties, quality listings and full, clear advice to both buyers and sellers so they know exactly what to expect when buying or selling a property here.”

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Tenerife Estate Agents
Tenerife Estate Agents

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