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Drug-free Carpal AID Pain Relief Patch: The Carpal Tunnel Pregnancy Remedy

Though the clinically-proven Carpal Aid pain patch has been around for several years, the ways in which it helps people relieve the painful, debilitating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome continue to have far-reaching effects.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, often referred to simply as CTS, is typically associated with the repetitive motions of administrative, clerical, assembly line, and manufacturing work. But as it happens, carpal tunnel during pregnancy is very common. In fact by some estimates, up to half of all pregnant women experience the pain, burning, and numbness of CTS, on top of the swollen feet and hands that are even more common during pregnancy.

Uniquely-designed Carpal AID helps relieve carpal tunnel pregnancy symptoms, better than wrist braces do, particularly during the overnight hours. Why? Though the symptoms of CTS during pregnancy are exactly the same as those experienced by office and manufacturing workers… burning, tingling, numbness… the causes of carpal tunnel in pregnancy are not the same.

For these special cases, it’s the swelling and fluid retention that causes the problem. And for this reason, wrist braces are the wrong answer. To facilitate relaxation and sleep, the hand and wrist must be able to move freely, not be immobilized. A traditional wrist brace immobilizes the whole area.

The best course of action, particularly to relieve carpal tunnel pregnancy symptoms, is to keep it free-moving, and to elevate the affected area while you sleep, which helps reduce swelling.

Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President at Carpal Aid, says: “Traditional wrist braces are cumbersome, ugly, and often immobilize the whole hand, so for pregnant people, they just don’t help in the right way when it comes to sleep. Constricting the hand’s movement tends to exacerbate symptoms.”

As a welcome breath of fresh air, the clinically-proven Carpal AID pain relief patch allows the hand to move freely, and to be elevated comfortably. This relieves the painful carpal tunnel pregnancy symptoms, making way for a peaceful sleep. Carpal AID Founder Joseph Nazari made it his personal mission to relieve the painful effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, and to do it drug and surgery-free. This is a boon for many, particularly those who need drug-free and non-invasive remedies.

Ilan Nouvahian also said “At Carpal AID we want to give our customers a chance to live pain-free, and get back to work without the down time and expense of surgery. With the Carpal AID pain relief patch, they have a fresh new possibility. For those with carpal tunnel symptoms associated with pregnancy, they can now feel relieved to have one of the more uncomfortable effects of pregnancy under control.”

We are proud to report that Carpal Aid is the newest recipient of the 2021 “Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Product Brand – USA” award, sponsored by Global Health & Pharma.

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