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USA Pet Emotional Support Animal For Autism/ADD – Registration Report Launched

The health and wellness platform’s new report has been developed to provide succinct information about the legal processes and procedures associated with attaining this meaningful status.

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The release coincides with the latest report from the National Institute of Mental Health, which indicates that 1 in 5 Americans are living with a mental illness. This includes serious mental illnesses of a nature that substantially interfere with major life activities.

As more and more Americans have to cope with the impacts of conditions like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), The Well Lifestyle wants to stress that there are non-medical options that can drastically improve one’s quality of life.

In particular, the use of emotional support animals has been associated with greater feelings of belonging, connectivity, calm and responsibility. A recent investigation from Counselling Today suggested that these animals have the capacity to meaningfully enhance the lives of people of all ages living with mental illness.

Research has also illuminated the positive possibilities of ESAs for children and young people who have autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and other behavioural conditions.

As such, The Well Lifestyle researched options for individuals who are experiencing mental illness, as well as the families and carers that support them, to legally register and certify a pet as an ESA.

Their report outlines the steps that must be taken to gain this official status by law in America.

A valid ESA letter will protect you and your Emotional Support Animal from specific regulations that would otherwise prevent them from accompanying you. These restrictions include: Federal laws and housing regulations that prevent you from owning pets in rented accommodation & Laws that state you must pay extra fees to travel with your animal.

So it allows individuals with mental illness to enjoy the companionship of a loyal animal without having to pay for things like pet deposits in rental properties or unfair fees for travel.

The Well Lifestyle is an online lifestyle platform devoted to connecting readers with the latest information on how to live a physically and mentally well life.

A spokesperson for the site said, “Our mission is to give you the information you need to approach your well-being from a position of increased knowledge and clarity, to help you be the best version of yourself in body and mind.”

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