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Who is zhatiis?

There are powerful girls all over the world who have done amazing things.Sometimes these girls grow up in difficult social and cultural conditions, but they do not stop trying to achieve success.

Today we want to talk about Rajab, a famous Iranian Instagram user, ie zhatis or zhatiis. A girl who, with a little difficult cultural conditions in Iran, decided to pave the way for her success with all her difficulties and become one of the famous Iranian and world figures! Instagram has been popular all over the world for several years. Zhatiis has been active on this social network for a long time. At one point, tic-tac-toe videos went viral in various countries, and Zatis and his friends decided to make these videos inside Iran for the first time.

Deciding to make these videos was not just a simple decision! Because he had many legal and popular problems. As a girl, Jatis found it very difficult because people could not accept that a girl would go in front of the camera and watch Tick Taki movies or even play a girl with other boys, and the girl-boy friendship was still incomprehensible to them! On the other hand, the people who were producing the content, when they saw that Jatis and his friends were succeeding in their work, started harassing him and his friends and hitting them and giving them bad titles!

But this girl never lacked and was able to expand her work with all the problems, and in addition to making short videos, she started making series in the form of an Instagram post! Zhatis studied mathematics in high school and was one of the most talented people in this field, but due to his interest in art and costume design in high school, he changed his field and went to the field of graphics. During the conservatory, he often brought various positions in the field of theater in Iran, and it was from there that his interest and talent in acting became apparent.

The success of girls like zhatis may not be so noticeable in the Middle East, but surely we all know how hard these girls have worked to achieve their goals and aspirations!

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