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The LYV-ON Summer 2021 Capsule Collection: Sustainable Summer-Clothing for the Bold, Everyday Woman

When people think about polluting industries, the first thing that comes to mind is usually oil companies or transportation firms – but did you know that fashion actually holds the number-two spot in terms of pollution? The LYV-ON Summer 2021 Capsule collection, a forthcoming range from U.S.-based designers Maria LyVonne and Ashley Bassett-Parkins, provides an alternative, combining sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly processes with fun, vibrant prints and versatile silhouettes for the bold, everyday woman. Not only do the clothes look sleek and stylish and feel comfortable, but they also represent a conscious approach to fashion, and are comprised of recycled fabric and naturally occurring materials like bamboo. They’re set to be produced locally and recycled poly-shippers will be used to minimise their carbon footprint. Efforts will also be taken to ensure that employees are paid a fair wage and they’re shipped using recycled packaging.

The collection is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and consists of colourful and fun t-shirts, biker shorts, bodysuits and “kafwraps”, which are a bold and innovative creation that combines the comfort of a kaftan with the practicality of a kimono. Each piece is designed so that it can be worn in a multitude of different ways, meaning that those sporting it can add their own personal touch. The designers have put their fifteen-plus years within the fashion-industry towards the creation of a range that not only looks amazing, but also demonstrates that it’s possible to make creative, fun and funky fashion in a way that preserves the environment for future generations. The LYV-ON Summer 2021 Capsule collection is a step towards change in an industry that’s desperately in need of it.

Given the state the planet if currently in, with wildfires and flooding taking place in places that experts say might not have otherwise experienced them, there is a clear need for collections like this that care about the world as well as the appearance of their customers. This is therefore a line that is deserving of backing by anybody with an interest in saving the planet, looking stylish, or both of the above. After all, why would anybody want to be fashionable at the expense of the environment? You can check out the LYV-ON Summer 2021 Capsule collection’s crowdfunding pages at the following links: –