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Zerorez of Minnesota Offers Carpet Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN – Zerorez of Minnesota is a service company offering different cleaning services. Whether cleaning hard surfaces or carpets, the company provides non-toxic cleaning solutions. It also deals with reappearing spots and other common challenges affecting commercial and residential clients. The company also has a team that is dedicated to scheduling and answering questions from the clients.

Zerorez of Minnesota is offering professional carpet cleaning services to clients in Minneapolis. The company uses revolutionary cleaning technologies for better results like their Zr Water(TM) and their Zr Wand(TM), both of which have been in use for the many years the company has been in business. Besides cleaning the carpets without leaving any spots, the technology has been tested by an independent laboratory, proving its ability to clean and leave nothing behind.

For better services, Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis does not work with contractors. It hires and trains all employees. Besides the hiring strategy helping the company retain consistency in its cleaning services, the team works as a family. So, clients get the best service, and the communications are efficient. In addition, the company ensures that all the cleaning professionals are certified and understand all the dynamics of the Minnesota service industry.

In all Zerorez of Minnesota – Carpet Cleaning services, there is an emphasis on natural cleaning detergents. Besides working with certified and well-trained professionals, the company also avoids harsh, residue-leaving soaps and detergents. Instead of using toxic or harsh shampoos, soaps, and detergents, they use their Zr Water(TM). As a result, the cleaned carpets are free from dirt-attracting residue and stickiness often associated with harsh and substandard cleaning detergents. And since they use natural products for better results, the carpets are safe for children and pets as they do not leave residues from strong chemicals.

Once the company has cleaned the carpets, clients are free to air their views on the results. However, if they are not satisfied with the results, they can request the professional to re-clean the carpet. The company organizes re-cleaning in the shortest time possible. The policy is the company’s way of giving the client the best service.

In addition to carpet cleaning, the company has other services for commercial and residential clients. For example, it offers air duct cleaning, pet odor treatment, area rug treatment, flooring replacement, and other related services. The company has now started helping commercial clients clean working spaces. However, it personalizes each of the above services for a better outcome. Clients need to fill out the free quote form on its website to get any of the services.

Interested clients can call Zerorez of Minnesota via (952) 937 6739 to talk to the company’s representative on carpet cleaning and other related services. Alternatively, they can send an email to The offices are at 5310 W 23rd St #100, St Louis Park, MN 55416. Check the website for more information.

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