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Eve Hair Extensions is one of the Most Rated Salons that Provides Longer and Thicker Hair Using Organic Hair Color Products and Nano Bead Extensions in Dee Why, NSW

Dee Why, NSW – Eve Hair Extensions is a top-rated salon that provides the best hair extension with the highest quality service in Dee Why. The salon has an organized and dedicated team of hair specialists with over a decade of experience. The EHE team comprises Genevieve Jakobsen, a senior hair extension technician and educator who is also the owner and founder of the salon. She is assisted by Lyndle Richards, a hairdresser and makeup specialist, and Kate Lee, an international makeup artist and hairstylist. With their gentle and discrete application of the nano link extension method, undoubtedly the best for clients’ natural hair, the hair extension salon has earned a 4.6- star rating based on their most recent review.

Eve Hair Extensions- Dee Why Hair Extension Salon offers high-quality hair extension services to the people of Dee Why. Their hair extension services comprehensively cover nano bead, micro-bead, and tape hair extensions. This provides their clients with a wide range of hair extensions to choose from, depending on their preferred styles and looks. Being the most in-demand for longer, thicker, and stronger hair, the salon applies for nano bead hair extension and provides maintenance tips to their clients to realize longevity. Also, EHE specialists are always keen to use smaller, lightweight, completely hidden tiny nanobeads which are comfortable and safe for their client’s hair. Besides their lightweight, nanobeads are smaller, most discrete, and reusable for up to 12 months.

In addition, tape hair extensions in Dee Why Hair Extensions come with several benefits apart from the general natural hair beauty. With tape hair extensions, the clients are sure for long-lasting hair extensions which are easy to maintain and can be worn during workouts, shower times, or swimming lessons. With professional hair specialists in the house, gentle techniques are employed during the application of the tape extensions to ensure that the clients’ hair does not fall out with time. Also, micro-bead hair extensions can stay for long with little maintenance and are re-usable as well.

Eve Hair Extension also rolls organic hair color and products that are gentle and healthy for the hair and skin of the client. The salon is stocked with organic hair color products such as Oway, ammonia-free, and the world’s first nourishing hair coloring system. Being organic, the products nourish the hair with hair extensions that stand out. The salon does not limit its clients as it offers both regular color and organic color at affordable prices.

The hair extension salon is fully stocked with hair for the convenience of its clients. Moreover, it provides hair transformation, hair extension care tips, makeup lessons, hair and makeup packages, and many more beautification services.

Eve Hair Extensions is located at 13/8-12 Pacific Parade, Dee Why, NSW, 2099. For general inquiries and online booking, contact their team by calling 0450 089 996. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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